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 DIPA FT Team Held “Science and Technology” Community service for Business Actors

DIPA Team, Department of Industrial Engineering, FT UB 2023, chaired by Ir. Endra Yuafanedi Arifianto, ST., MT. holding Community Service activities with the theme of Science and Technology for Pondok Tubing Business Community in Providing Alternative Tourist Destinations in Gubugklakah Village, Malang Regency, starting from July to November 2023. Team members consist of Prof. Qomariyatus […]

Vocational Faculty Held Practitioner Teaching Activity for Graphic Design Study Program

The Vocational Faculty held Practitioner Teaching activities for the Graphic Design Study Program by inviting an experienced practitioner from 24Slides, namely Galan Hastoro Dwi Tunggal S.Sn. The activity took place at the 1st Floor of UB Dieng Vocational Faculty Building, Thursday (14/9/2023). In this Teaching Practitioner event, Galan Hastoro Dwi Tunggal S.Sn. provides very interesting […]

Faculty of Agricultural Technology Assists 50 MSMEs in Batu City through Matching Fund Program

The Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Brawijaya (FTP UB) held a Matching Fund for Technical Guidance and Assistance for 50 Batu City MSMEs at Batu City Cooperative & MSME Integrated Business Service Center (PLUT), Thursday (7/9/2023) involving 20 FTP students and 15 lecturers from FTP, FT and FILKOM as companions and facilitators. Presenting Hafid Kustanto, […]

International Relation Lecturer Socializes Healthy Living Culture among Migrant Workers and Families

The Brawijaya University International Relations Team (HI UB) held a workshop and outreach related to healthy living culture to prevent the increase in hypertension and diabetes among migrant workers and their families. This workshop aims to increase public awareness of the dangers of hypertension and diabetes mellitus through introducing the latest facts, evidence and data […]

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Vocational Faculty Held 3 in 1 Class Invites Malaysian Practitioners and Lecturers

The Vocational Faculty holds 3in1 program activities to increase student knowledge and eliminate gaps between the material being taught and what happens in the field. The activity by inviting practitioners was carried out in the 4th floor hall of Brawijaya Language Center. The activity was divided into two sessions. First session on (29/9-31/8/2023) and second […]

Students of Environmental Engineering Apply Hydroponic Method in Jatiarjo Hamlet

The Family Students of Environmental Engineering (KMTL) held a Social Project with the theme “Anagata Lokatara” which means “Real Service Steps to Save Bumantara in Jatiarjo Hamlet, Gunung Jati Village, Jabung District, Malang Regency, (8/7-10/7/2023). Jatiarjo Hamlet is known to have a unique environmental landscape, where sugar cane plants grow abundantly and widely around it. […]

UB Doctoral Service Team Investigate Capacity Improvement for Digital Marketing of Footwear MSME in Mojokerto City

Mojokerto (23/8). Mojokerto City is not only known for Onde-Onde as a souvenir, but also has a long tradition as a city of shoe craftsmen. The long history of footwear craftsmen in Mojokerto City has been passed down from generation to generation since the 1980s. The city has the largest number of footwear MSMEs in […]

Training on the Making of Bomb Eggplant Food Innovation Product with Pilanggede Residents Bojonegoro Regency

Students of the MMD 1000 Villages Universitas Brawijaya held a work program entitled “Training Based on Increasing Local Resources in Making Eggplant Commodity Innovation Processed Products”, Wednesday (12/07/2023) to make a positive contribution to the local community regarding increasing local resources (eggplant) in making the innovation products Based on the potential exists in Pilanggede Village, […]

Students Initiate Paguan Village Owned Enterprises , Bondowoso Regency

Student Build Village Group 626 held outreach and deliberations related to “Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) Initiation in Paguan Village” at Paguan Village Hall so that an agreement was created by the village community to establish BUMDes in accordance with Government Regulation Number 11 of 2021. This activity begins with the socialization of the establishment of […]

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FEB Community Service Team Provides Urban Farming Training for Sawojajar Residents

The community service team from the Accounting Department, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Brawijaya collaborated with vegetable and fruit farming practitioners to carry out training on simple household-scale farming (urban family farming) in Sawojajar 2 Malang area. The activity, chaired by Yeney Widya Prihatiningtias, DBA., Ak., CA., aims to utilize narrow residential land to […]

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