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UB Chemistry Lecturer Presents His Research Results at The 9th ACCC9 Bangkok, Thailand

Lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Brawijaya University (FMIPA UB) Yuniar Ponco Prananto, S.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D presented the results of his research at the 9th Asian Conference on Coordination Chemistry (ACCC9) Bangkok, on 19-22 February 2024 . This lecturer who studies the field of Coordination Chemistry presented his research entitled […]

UB Lecturer’s Innovation to Overcome Salt Scarcity

Lecturer at the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Brawijaya University (FPIK UB) Andi Kurniawan S.Pi., M.Eng.D.Sc created an innovative method to overcome the scarcity of salt. He developed the Salt Tunnel Greenhouse with “Continuously Dynamic Mixing” method which can increase the efficiency of salt production and reduce dependence on weather factors. This innovation departs […]

Domy Brush Suction

Domy Brush Suction, a Suction Tool Created by UB Lecturer

In a hospital/clinic service, especially in medical procedures such as surgery, it requires a very important procedure to pay attention to. Time efficiency and swift treatment are priorities for patient safety. However, in its implementation, several obstacles and problems are often found when carrying out procedures for patients, especially in surgical procedures, one of which […]

A Lecturer of Faculty of Animal Science Universitas Brawijaya has received an invitation to participate in the China National Experts Program 2023.

Dr. Irida Novianti has received an invitation and funding from the Chinese government through the China National Experts Program 2023 to visit Inner Mongolia, China, from December 8 to 14, 2023. During this one-week program, Dr. Irida is engaged in various activities. As a foreign expert, she is required to deliver a presentation on the […]

Tim FIB UB bersama Komunitas Budaya H3

Assisting the H3 (Hurip, Hurup, Handarbeni) Cultural Community in Mangliawan Village, FCS UB Encourages Water Ritual Festival

The presence of Lecturers and Students of the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) who have continuously accompanied the journey of the H3 Cultural Community (Hurip, Hurup, Handarbeni) in Mangliawan Village, Malang Regency since 2018 has showed significant impact that every step of the community’s development can be an exciting and constructive development […]

Foto Tim Riset Mahasiswa (RITMA) FMIPA Mendampingi Ibu PKK Kalisongo Membuat Olahan Jeruk Menjadi Marmalade

FMIPA Research Team Assisting PKK Kalisongo to Process Oranges into Marmalade

FMIPA Student Research Team (RITMA) consisting of Syalaysha Azzahra, Elifes Ziliwu, Kevina Alal, Miftachul Khoiroh and Adistia Dhefany used orange peel to make marmalade. Marmalade itself is a semi-solid food product made from fruit, sugar, citric acid and includes pieces of fruit or fruit skin. This team makes a product called SoMar which is an […]

Prof. Cahyo Prayogo, S.P., M.P., Ph.D.

Prof. Cahyo Prayogo, S.P., M.P., Ph.D. :  “ CLIMO 1 Records Land Coinditions in Real Time“

Prof. Cahyo Prayogo, S.P., M.P., Ph.D. as the 32nd active Professor at the Faculty of Agriculture (FP) and the 186th active Professor at Brawijaya University and the 345th Professor of all Professors produced by Brawijaya University. The “CLIMO 1” Smart Technology concept includes the use and development of sensor data technology (technology on earth) which […]

Prof. Dr. Ir. Ussy Andawayanti, M.S., IPM.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Ussy Andawayanti, M.S., IPM. : “ Control Inundation with USS-Ie “.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Ussy Andawayanti, M.S., IPM. as the 21st active Professor at the Faculty of Engineering (FT) and the 184th active Professor at Brawijaya University and the 343rd Professor of all Professors produced by Brawijaya University. She was inaugurated, Saturday (14/10/2023) at the Samantha Krida Building. She created a model for controlling inundation with […]

Plantarisin: Antimicrobial Plastic for Food Biopreservative

Four Brawijaya University (UB) students from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK), Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP), and Faculty of Engineering (FT) succeeded in making a plastic replacement formulation from starch and carrageenan with the addition of L. plantarum bacteriocin as an anti-microorganism. In the 2023 Student Creativity Program (PKM) research activities funded […]

SANTER : Smart Medication Tumblr (SANTER) sebagai Penunjang Pengobatan Pasien Tuberkulosis

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa (PKM) merupakan salah satu realisasi dari Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi yang dikelola oleh BELMAWA di bawah naungan DITJEN DIKTIRISTEK. Pada tahun 2023, Universitas Brawijaya berhasil meraih dukungan pendanaan untuk 112 proposal PKM yang berhasil melewati seleksi tahap pendanaan. Kini, universitas tersebut tengah mempersiapkan langkah selanjutnya, […]

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