DIPA FT Team Held “Science and Technology” Community service for Business Actors

DIPA Team, Department of Industrial Engineering, FT UB 2023, chaired by Ir. Endra Yuafanedi Arifianto, ST., MT. holding Community Service activities with the theme of Science and Technology for Pondok Tubing Business Community in Providing Alternative Tourist Destinations in Gubugklakah Village, Malang Regency, starting from July to November 2023.

Team members consist of Prof. Qomariyatus Sholihah, IPU. ASEAN.Eng., Ir. Ihwan Hamdala, ST., MT. and Astuteryanti Tri Lustyana, ST., MT. focuses three community service activities on business actors in the production sector, business management sector and marketing sector. The business actor targeted for the activity is Pondok Tubing Cafe.

Endra said that the production sector includes improving the quality of the menu provided by the tubing hut. Activities are carried out by carrying out market research again, updating/renewing the menu every six months to increase attractiveness, successfully obtaining NIB and preparing halal and thoyib certification documents.

“In the field of business management, the targets achieved include successfully creating a new business model, organizing management according to the business units so that they can focus on each unit. “Meanwhile, the marketing sector includes offline methods by adding iconic Instagram spots, collaborating with campuses and schools for tubing and camp events, collaborating with Bromo tour packages and its surroundings as well as techniques for adding marketing content on social media,” he said.

Endra hopes that through this service activity, students will have experience outside campus and be directly involved in helping the community to provide solutions.

The growth of creative industry/creative economy and tourism business actors in 2023 will increase. The Malang Regency Tourism and Culture Department has four principles for developing tourism and the creative economy which can provide multi-purpose impacts. First, collaborate between the business world and the government. Second, based on creative ideas or thoughts. Third, it is not limited to the business field being pursued so that there is innovation or breakthrough. And fourth, the concept built is synergy. Collaboration in the sense that starting from upstream to downstream processes, business actors/UMKM/IKM must establish communication and be active in government programs, including: managing NIB, MUI halal food, PIRT and so on. Current creative ideas and ideas make it easy for business actors to continue to develop and grow amidst domestic market competition. New innovations are really needed by business actors/UMKM/IKM every year. The potential for innovation ability really depends on the number of references or literacy of business owners. The Malang Regency Government supports this activity through related agencies. Currently, business growth and development in the regions requires synergy of all relevant stakeholders, synergy with universities, even synergy with other business actors, even if the product is similar.

One of the potential villages in Malang Regency that is expanding its creative industry and tourism businesses is Gubugklakah Village.

Gubugklakah Village is a village located around the slopes of Mount Bromo. After the decline of agriculture in Gubugklakah Village, people began to try other sectors, especially tourism

Gubugklakah Village is the village through which visitors go to the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) tourist area.

Gubugklakah village used to be just a village passed by tourists heading to Bromo.

However, the community has tried to seize opportunities by developing the tourism sector. Through the formation of Ladesta, the identity of Gubugklakah Village has automatically transformed into Gubugklakah Tourism Village.

Efforts that have been carried out by Pokdarwis/Ladesta include empowering the community by building homestays, employing residents to become tourist guides to Bromo, to apple picking fields, and involving residents to become guides picking up tourists from stations to tourist locations, as well as coordinating tourist transportation services. After the founding of Pokdarwis, Gubugklakah’s economic wheels began to grow even more. [UB PR/ Trans. Iir]