Da’i Adaptation Experience at UB

“For me, UB is like a dream campus. The academics are okay, the students are famous for winning in various competitions, the environment is comfortable, and has its own charm compared to other campuses. As soon as the PMM program was opened, I immediately took it at UB without thinking,” said Muhammad Da’i Kuncoro.

Muhammad Da’i Kuncoro

Da’i is one of the participants of the Independent Student Exchange, an inbound group at Universitas Brawijaya. He comes from the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of North Sumatra. For one semester, Da’i attended lectures at the Faculty of Computer Science and the Faculty of Cultural Studies. “At FILKOM, I chose the course of information systems, because the demands of the times require everyone to understand technology,” he explained.

While at FIB, Da’I chose Indonesian Language, Entrepreneurship and Fine Arts education courses. “Currently I am compiling my final project, and there are courses that can be accompanied by guidance,” he added.

According to Da’i, there is no difference in the learning system in each campus, but there are some points that make UB seem attractive to him. “The plus point is, the lecturers at UB always seem enthusiastic, energetic, passionate about the field being taught, not just submitting material and demanding students learn on their own,” he explained.

Da’i felt that he needed enough time to adapt to this city of Malang. “Honestly, I’m cold. Medan is a hot city, near the coast, and the population density is quite disturbing. The first three days I felt unfit, and could only rest in my room. Only the sambal in Malang is not as delicious as I usually eat, but the food is delicious,” said the student of Javanese descent.

Like the PMM participants, what is awaited is Nusantara Module every weekend. The material provided contains reflection, diversity, inspiration, and social activities. “So far, Nusantara Module has become the best way to travel and approach UB, Malang City, and its surroundings. We are invited to Songgoriti Temple, the Ganesha Museum, Sawah Cafe, and other iconic places which are certainly full of inspiration in addition to the usual academic lecture materials,” he said.

Welcoming inbound PMM students at Widyaloka Building was the most memorable experience for Da’i. “The atmosphere was really extraordinary because we from Sabang to Merauke gathered in one place, were invited to have a friendly meeting with the Rector, were given direction, advice, good things that we could use as a guide while participating in this program,” he concluded. (Nisa/VQ/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)