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DM Team Improves Grouper Production Safety through Solar

Doctoral Service Team Universitas Brawijaya (UB) consisting of Muhammad Fauzan Edy Purnomo, Ph.D, Akhmad Zainuri, MT (FT), Bambang Semedi, Ph.D, Dhira K. Saputra, M.Sc (FPIK) and Supriyono, M. AB (FIA UB), M.Sc developed a solar-based floating net cage (KJA) monitoring device, to increase the safety of grouper production. Head of the Pokmaswas Gili Bahari, H. […]

FILKOM Installs TriBand Cellular Phone Repeater in UB Forest

UB Forest is an educational forest covering an area of ​​554 hectares on the slopes of Mount Arjuno, precisely in Sumbersari Hamlet, Tawang Argo Village, Karangploso, Malang Regency. Its location at the foot of Mount Arjuno makes this area difficult to get a GSM signal with good quality. So that when they are in Sumbersari […]

Cerita Mahasiswa Vokasi di IISMAeVo : Impian sejak Kecil untuk bisa ke Inggris

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. SIARAN PERS 7 Oktober 2022 Nomor 168/X/2022     Menjejakkan kaki di Inggris adalah impian Lucy Fitria Rizky Nasution. Lucy adalah mahasiswa Prodi Administrasi Bisnis, Fakultas Vokasi, Universitas Brawijaya. Saat ini, Lucy berkesempatan untuk berkuliah satu semester di University of Portsmouth, Inggris melalui Program IISMAeVO, pertukaran mahasiswa […]

11 Students of the Institute Of Business Timor Leste Join the Study Visit on Master of Computer Science

Head of the Master Program of Computer Science at the Faculty of Computer Science (FILKOM), Sabriansyah Rizqika Akbar, S.T., Meng., Ph.D released 11 master students from the Informatics Engineering Study Program at the Institute of Business (IOB) Timor Leste, Tuesday (4/10/ 2022). A total of 11 East Timorese students have completed a study visit program […]

Exploring Tourism Potential, DM UB Team Designs Koi Latukan Village Tourism

Latukan Village is one of the villages in the Karanggeneng sub-district, Lamongan Regency, East Java. This village has a status in the Village Building Index (IDM) published by the Ministry of Villages in 2020 as an Independent Village, a status which is the peak of the 2020 Ministry of Village Development Index rating scale, at […]

BKS FH se-Indonesia Adakan Pertemuan Bahas MBKM

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Badan Kerjasama Fakultas Hukum (BKS-FH) Perguruan Tinggi Negeri se-Indonesia meminimalisir disparitas (perbedaan) kurikulum melalui sebuah pertemuan nasional bersama PTN se- Wilayah Jawa Timur dengan tema “Memperkuat Kerjasama Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka”  di Singhasari Resort selama tiga hari (29/9-1/10/2022). Kegiatan tersebut diadakan agar tercipta pemahaman yang dapat menumbuhkan […]

UB Develops GIS-based IoT in Semeru

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) has developed the Internet of Things (IoT) based on Geographic Information System (GIS) to mitigate disasters in Pronojiwo District which is an area affected by the eruption of Mount Semeru. The developer, Adipandang Yudono, S.Si., MURP, Ph.D, in Malang, Thursday (29/9/2022), said the method had been applied to the Semeru Post-eruption until […]

FTP Lecturers Invites Jatisari Residents to Manage Waste

The people of Jatisari Village, Malang Regency, have a serious waste problem. There is a ban by the East Java Provincial Government regarding the location of the Final Disposal Site (TPA) which is too close to the highway, causing villagers to throw garbage in the river or burn it, without separating organic and inorganic waste […]

Muhammmad Da'i Kuncoro

 Da’i Adaptation Experience at UB

“For me, UB is like a dream campus. The academics are okay, the students are famous for winning in various competitions, the environment is comfortable, and has its own charm compared to other campuses. As soon as the PMM program was opened, I immediately took it at UB without thinking,” said Muhammad Da’i Kuncoro. Da’i […]

KKN-DM UB Team Assisting Disgusting but Promosing Industry

Real Work Lecture (KKN) –Doctoral Service (DM) Ub Team assisting SPKP Wana Jaya Lestari in Sarongan Village, Banyuwangi develop maggot cultivation. The activity began with team observations consisting of lecturers and students from 4 faculties namely FTP, FKH, FMIPA and FP. DM activities were held in two villages namely Sarongan and Kandangan, Banyuwangi. In the […]

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