‘Pandu Gunung’ Help Identifying Climbing Area

Climbing safely and comfortably is the dream of mountain climbers. Coupled with the availability of a cellphone signal, it can make it easier for climbers to ask for help if needed.

This is what underlies the five students of Universitas Brawijaya to make a prototype of a climbing guide titled Pandu Gunung. They are Nur Aini Azizah (FPIK), Dinda Arum Mustika Weni (Vocational), Cecicilia Fauziah, Rifaldi Fadilah (FP), Elfahra Casanza Amalda (FKH) who are supervised by Ir. Nurussa’adah M.T who created the concept of mountain conservation combined with geo-informatics technology.

By research conducted at Mount Penanggungan, East Java, the Pandu Gunung team concluded that the high number of accidents in mountainous areas, one of which was due to the difficulty of getting a signal while in the climbing area. This difficulty has an impact on the delay in the arrival of medical help.

In addition, SDGs indicator number 15 related to land conservation is still rarely paid attention. This makes it difficult for climbers to know the safety of the route to be traversed. Pandu Gunung can help identify the safety of the area that is passed.

Pandu Gunung has various programs, such as Directions of Steps, Conspiracy of the Universe, Conversation Place, Solace, and a Few Concern with each designation. Step Directions, for example, can help climbers find their way back when they get lost. Conversation Place can be a means of emergency communication, and other features.

Pandu Gunung won a bronze medal and the IYSA Special Award in the 2021 Asian Innovative Science Environmental and Entrepreneur Fair. This application has also won a bronze medal in the category of Constructive Futuristic Ideas of Student Creativity Program at the 2020 National Student Scientific Week (VQ/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)