Postgraduate School and  BPI Socialize the Indonesian Education Scholarship Program

The Postgraduate School together with the Management of the Indonesian Education Scholarship Universitas Brawijaya (BPI UB) held a Socialization and Coaching Clinic. The activity which took place in UB Postgraduate School Building was carried out in a hybrid method (offline and online). By presenting the Head of the General Subdivision of the Higher Education Funding Center, Ratna Prabandari, who explained about the Indonesian Education Scholarship Program (BPI).

The event which was held on Tuesday, (11/4/2023), was opened by Deputy Director I for Postgraduate Academic Affairs, Universitas Brawijaya, Dr. Nurul Badriyah, SE., ME. In her speech, Nurul thanked the Head of General Subdivision of the Center for Higher Education Funding, Ratna Prabandari, who has provided information regarding the scholarship program for UB residents.

Also present were the Vice Rector for Cooperation Planning and Internationalization Andi Kurniawan, S.Pi., M.Eng, D.Sc. In his speech, he gave encouragement and motivation for socialization participants, especially lecturers at Universitas Brawijaya to use the opportunities provided by the government through Indonesian Education Scholarships (BPI) and LPDP Funding in continuing their studies at domestic and foreign universities.

On the same occasion, Ratna Prabandari explained various information regarding the targeted programs to be funded and explained that this scholarship program is a form of cooperation between the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Education Fund Management Agency (LPDP), which aims to improve the quality of human resources from educators or lecturers throughout Indonesia as well as prospective lecturers and cultural actors who also have the same opportunity to obtain the scholarship.

Ratna also revealed that a number of stages and important conditions in the process of receiving this scholarship would be enforced, including one of the most important being mastery of the language. According to him, in order to be able to study abroad, language is something that needs to be prioritized by referring to the standards set by the institution.

This socialization activity was also coupled with presentations from awardee representatives regarding experience in the registration process, especially important requirements in the process of receiving administrative documents as well as in the interview selection stage. (TRS/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).