Tim Doktor Mengabdi Ajarkan Teknik Pengolahan Jamur Tiram

Tim Doktor Mengabdi UB memberikan bantuan peralatan berupa Laminar (alat pembibitan jamur) kepada masyarakat Taman Nasional Meru Betiri (TNMB) Banyuwangi
Universitas Brawijaya (UB) trough Doctor Serve Team (DM) conducted community service activity at Kebonrejo Village, Meru Betiri National Park (TNMB), Banyuwangi on Friday, (24/07/2020). The DM team consisting of Dr. Fitria Dina Riana, S.P., M.P, Dr. Eng Evi Kurniati, STP., MT, Mas’ud Effendi, S.TP., MP, and Jaya Mahar Maligan, S.TP., MP, provided tool assistance in the form of Laminar (mushroom seeding tools F0, F1 and F2), and also a Technical Guidance activity on Seeding Technology and Innovation of White Oyster Mushroom Processing for the community in the village.

The Team leader, Dr. Fitria Dina Riana, S.P., M.P conveyed that Kebonrejo Village is one of the buffer areas of Meru Betiri National Park in Banyuwangi, whose territory includes forests, plantations, residential areas and agricultural land. The initiation of community involvement in TNMB area is an important strategy for optimizing the TNMB area and resources in enhancing the role of the economic sector and conserving natural resources. They have run a community empowerment program based on natural resource conservation which is divided into two productive community groups, namely the “Oceano” Coffee Farmers Group (KTK) and the Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Group (KBJT) “Maju Bersama”.

“One of the problems faced by this partner is the limited technology in improving the quality and capacity of products that are efficient and effective. It is easy to plan, but it takes much effort to make it work. High production does not guarantee successful business. The low production efficiency due to the increasing purchase price of the baglog causes production costs to increase. The limited market for oyster mushroom products in fresh form is also an obstacle of the business, “said Dr. Fitria.

He added, as an academic institution, UB is obliged to provide expansion of knowledge and increase business skills for the people of Kebonrejo Village. For this reason, tool assistance in the form of Laminar and technical guidance on seeding technology is carried out so that mushroom cultivation groups can streamline their production by making baglog using their own seeds and not depending on baglog producers.

Mushroom UKM practitioner, Mrs. Siti Mahmudah shares her experiences in mushroom processing innovation

On the occasion, the DM UB Team also provided technical guidance on the technology of oyster mushroom seeding and processing. Seedling technology through tissue culture method using potato, dextrose, agar, water, alcohol, spirits, and cotton as media to obtain F0, F1 and F2 seeds.

“By this technical guidance, it is expected that the business group actors will have high understanding and skills in making high-quality seeds,” she said.

This activity also presented mushroom UKM practitioner, Mrs. Siti Mahmudah, to share her experiences in mushroom processing innovation. The mushroom group “Maju Bersama” received technical guidance on the nuggets processing, crispy mushrooms and mushroom satay, which have become as featured products and have high market potential.

“Mushroom processing innovation is a solution to the problem of limited fresh mushroom market. The peak of mushroom harvest in the second month makes it difficult for the business group to market their products. Besides being a marketing solution, processing becomes an effort to increase the added value of mushroom products which it turns to boost the business group’s income, “she explained.

This community service activity of Doctor Serve is one of the strategic activities of the Institute of Research and Community Service (LPPM) UB, which is routinely carried out for empowerment of productive communities in rural areas. The DM UB team hopes that this activity can strengthen the performance of productive communities in Kebonrejo Village as a buffer zone for Meru Betiri area through community empowerment and transfer of technology to sustainable Oyster Mushroom Agroindustry for Independent Village. [Fitria / Irene/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]