Tiga Usaha Kuliner BUNA Raih Sertifikat Halal MUI

The Handover of MUI Halal Certificate from Halal Acceleration Team of Malang City, Prof. Ir. Mohammad Bisri to the Three General Managers at Salimar Hotel

Three culinary endeavors of Non-Academic Business Entities (BUNA) Universitas Brawijaya (UB), which are UB Coffee, Coffee Shop UB Guest House, and Griya Brawijaya Catering receive Halal certificates from Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI).

Based on the information obtained, UB Coffee received MUI halal certificate on February 14, 2020, Coffee Shop UB Guest House on July 17, 2020 and Griya Brawijaya Catering on January 16, 2020.

Halal Certificate of MUI UB Coffee[
The process of handing over the halal certificate was received by three General Managers of business units from Halal Acceleration Team of Malang City, Prof. Ir. Mohammad Bisri at Hotel Salimar, Friday (7/8/2020).

Sertifikat Halal MUI Coffee Shop UB Guest House
]MUI Certificate of Coffee Shop UB Guest House
The Head of Halal and Food Safety Assurance Unit for Non-Academic Business Entities (BUNA) UB, Dr. Sucipto, STP., MP., IPU., Said to get the halal certificate, it took a long time.

“Starting from the canteen of UB library which has been certified halal in early 2019 and finally used as a model for other units. Then with the program of Malang City Tourism Office, we get technical guidance for restaurants both inside and outside hotel to apply for halal certification. By there, we started trying to register Griya Brawijaya Catering, Coffee Shop UB Guest House, and UB Coffee to get MUI halal certificates, “he said.

MUI Certificate of Griya Brawijaya Canteen
Sucipto added, in the process of applying for Halal certification, MUI requires a good understanding of all teams in the business unit and commitment from suppliers.

“The chefs in each unit must be committed to choosing ingredients that are halal certified or guaranteed to be halal to replace ingredients that are not guaranteed halal. Substitution of materials must consider the following aspects, firstly, aspects of halal assurance, next materials are expected to be easy to obtain, then quality of replacement materials is equivalent to the materials being replaced so that the product remains okay, the fourth is competitive prices. All of them requires commitment from the chefs and general managers of each business unit, ”Sucipto added.

MUI halal certification is a certificate that provides evidence of the products being traded have met the halal requirements stipulated by MUI fatwa.

“Halal certificate will provide peace to consumers and the product is guaranteed and safe for consumption. For us as producers of halal certificates, we have our own unique selling point, wider in terms of marketing and increasing consumer trust, “said General Manager of Griya Brawijaya Canteen, Aria Fikriyah, S.TP. [OD / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]