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South-East Asia Biennial Conference on Population and Health

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On Thursday, November 8, 2018, at the Singhasari Resort Batu, the International Southeast Asia Conference was held with the theme of Population and Health. The conference, which is planned to be held for two years, was initiated by two universities in Indonesia and the UK, namely Brawijaya University Malang and the University of Portsmouth, organized by the Center for International Cooperation - Portsmouth-Brawijaya Center for Global Health, Population, and Policy, as the host.

This conference is the first international meeting on a regional scale held by Brawijaya University, Malang and University of Portsmouth, England.

This regional conference is also supported by the Indonesian National Population and Family Planning Board (BKKBN) as one of the main sponsors, together with Brawijaya University, the University of Portsmouth, and the British Council.

Raising the Top Population and Health in Southeast Asia, the International Conference is intended as a means of discussion, collaboration, and cooperation between academics and practitioners who examine issues related to population and health including issues concerning the economy, disease and fertility, migration, and diversity.

More than 250 participants are expected to contribute to the implementation of the international conference, which consists of various groups such as expert groups, government members, representatives of community organizations, and academics, which are expected to create a discussion on population and health in Southeast Asia.

FCS UB Holds National Seminar on Culture II Indonesia as the Imagination Room

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Wednesday (11/07/2018) Anthropology Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Studies, Brawijaya University (FIB UB) held a National Culture Seminar (SNK) II with the theme of Indonesia as the Imagination Room – in commemorating 73rd Indonesian Independence at the 2nd floor Hall of A building FIB UB. This theme was taken aiming reflecting the extent to which the nation's imagination formed during the 73th of Indonesia's independence, how the spaces of national imagination formed by today's communication technology, what happened in the creative space of the arts and religious sacredness in interpreting Indonesia, and how the education in imagining nations and countries in the Reformation era.

In general, SNK II discussed how the dynamics of urban and rural material culture space in relation to infrastructure development in the Jokowi era, and more than that, is there any mythological space affected by these massive developments. The power of space in the realm of law, economy, and politics ahead of the 2019 presidential election will be a theme that cannot be ignored. In particular, SNK II will also discuss the discourse of the national memory space, both officially created by the State and contained in the collective memory of the Indonesian people.

The papers in the SNK II book invites various disciplines with a multidisciplinary perspective from various fields such as anthropology, philosophy, politics, economics, law, psychology, literature, media and communication, history, architecture, arts and other humanities social sciences for later together to see and discuss the complexity of imaginative dynamics from the grand project called the Indonesian Nation.

International Conference on Population and Health in Collaboration between Brawijaya University and University of Portsmouth

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Taking place at Singhasari Hotel Batu on Thursday (08/Nov/2018) will be organized a South East Asia International Conference in theme of Population and Health. The conference that is planned as biennial is initiated by two universities in Indonesia and The United Kingdom namely Brawijaya University Malang dan University of Portsmouth. The organizing was carried out by Research centre of International Collaboration, Portsmouth-Brawijaya Centre for Global Health, Population and Policy as the host. The event is first international meeting in regional level organized by Brawijaya University of Malang and University of Portsmouth The United Kingdom.

MENPORA Urges UB Students to Understand the Important Meaning of Youth Pledge

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Commemorating Youth Pledge Day, Brawijaya University held a National Dialogue entitled " The Youth Pledge Synergy of Jihad Resolution and Culture" in the Widyaloka building, Monday (11/05/2018).

The activity which presented the Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia Dr. (HC) H. Imam Nahrawi, S.Ag., M.KP and Deputy Chairperson of the Republic of Indonesia MPR Ahmad Basarah were also attended by Civil Education teachers in Malang.

In his speech, Menpora said that what was championed by youth today would give birth to the great history of the Indonesian nation.

"90 years ago the youth united and pledged to realize the unity of the Indonesian nation. Therefore we also have to think about what we do for the future," he said.

Imam Nahrawi pointed out that Indonesia's success in Asian Games some times ago became a nation's milestone in proving achievements in the field of sports.

"Our tennis court for 16 years has never won a medal. But at the time of Asian Games some times ago, Indonesia won a gold medal for tennis in the Mixed Doubles. Sport is an easy way for Indonesia to go to the 2020 Olympics and the easy way for Indonesia to become the host. This is certainly because Indonesia has been well tested at the Asian Games. Asian Games participants from various countries not only feel safe but also comfortable and are welcomed by great volunteers and friendly smiles. I also hope that Pencak Silat will be on the 2020 Olympics, "Imam Nahrawi said.

Dosen UB Menjadi Keynote Speaker di 25th International Conference of FFC, Osaka

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Dua dosen Universitas Brawijaya (UB) menjadi Keynote Speaker dalam kegiatan 25th International Conference of Functional Food Center, di Osaka, Japan. Mereka adalah Dr. Ir. Moch. Sasmito Djati, MS dan Prof. Nashi Widodo, S.Si., M.Si., Ph.D. Kegiatan ini merupakan kerjasama antara Functional Food Center (FFC), Dallas, TX, USA dan Ritsumeikan University Ibaraki Campus, Osaka, Japan. Kegiatan ini digelar selama tiga hari, Sabtu-Senin (27-29/10/2018) dengan mengambil tema "Encounters of Functional Foods and Asian Traditional Medicines".

Dalam kesempatan ini Sasmito Djati menyampaikan presentasi yang berjudul "Rempah-rempah-an Indonesian Traditional Food Flavor toward Modern Functional Food and Herbal Medicine". Dari hasil penelitiannya, Sasmito Djati mendapatkan, formulasi Tapak Liman dan daun Katuk sebagai food supplement untuk ibu hamil ternyata mempengaruhi peningkatan sistem pertahanan Ibu hamil dan sangat berperan dalam menjaga perkembangan janin serta membantu keberhasilan ibu dalam proses laktasi.