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The Interest of UB PSB Increases Dramatically

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The devotees of UB through High Achievement Student Selection (PSB) increase dramatically this year. Recorded about 11,988 devotees have filed their application although it had been closed on last Saturday (20 / 2). As stated by the Head of Kasubbag Registrations and Statistics, Imron Rosidi via email. Of that amount, Faculty of Medicine occupied the top position with score 4,183 (34.89 percent). The second and third positions respectively were occupied by the Faculty of Engineering: 2,213 (18.46 per cent) and FISIP: 1,034 (8.63 percent). Here's the number from each faculty, FIA: 784 (6.54 per cent), FP: 663 (5.53 per cent), FMIPA: 612 (5.11 per cent), FH: 566 (4.72 percent), FPIK: 506 (4.22 per cent), FE : 447 (3.73), FTP: 380 (3.17 percent), FIB: 293 (2.44 percent) and FPt: 138 (1.15 per cent).

Keroncong Winners Get Free Ticket to UB

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About 33 contestants enlivened the Kroncong festival in a high school level in 2010 of Malang Raya on Thursday (18/2). The event is held at UB's Student Center which is a series of UB's 47th Dies Natalis Celebration. This event is not only to enliven UB's 47th Dies Natalis, but also to promote UB to high school students.

UB Ranks 58th in the Webometrics 2010

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Webometrics has announced the latest edition of world's university ranking in its website. From the announcement, it is known that about 20 universities in Indonesia go into 100 best of Southeast Asia. This amount increases compared to 2009 that was only 15 universities. UB is in 58th position in Southeast Asian level, and in 2026th position on the world level. This time, UB's position has increased compares to July 2009 which was in position 72 in Southeast Asian and 2590 at world level.

Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Cooperate with Faculty of Animal Husbandry

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One of the agro-food companies in Indonesia, PT. Japfa Comfeed Indonesia, Tbk., on Tuesday (9/2) holds Faculty of Animal Husbandry (FPT-UB) to work together. Representatives chaired by the director himself, Drs. Ignatius Herry Wibowo, were received by the Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Yogi Sugito and the Dean of Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Prof. Dr. Ir. Hartutik, MPin  rectorate building.

Hundreds of Students Ask Delays and Proportional Cost Incentives

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UB gives the opportunity to the students which have economic problems to ask delay and dispense for Donations of Educational Development (SPP), Educational Facilities Development Contribution (SPFP) Institutional Development and Education Contribution (SPIP). Since 2008, the tuition fee is charged to every student at UB which is calculated proportionally, while for SPFP and SPIP just started in 2010.