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East Java Regional Libama at UB

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Student Basketball League (Libama) of East Java region which is an annual event of Provincial Executives of All-Indonesian Basketball Association (Pengprov PERBASI) is held back. This year, UB becomes the host of the game which is followed by 18 contingents from various universities of East Java. Concentrated in Pertamina Sports Building of UB (GOR), the event is held for a week (10-16/3). "The 18th contingent consists of 13 male and five female contingents. They compete to get kejurnas Libama," said Committee Head, Billy Satria Negara. The winner of this competition, he said, would get trophies of Pengprov PERBASI and coaching money. Said by Billy, this year UB sent two contingents, male and female contingents.

UB Hold Selma Trials in 23 Cities

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On Sunday (28 / 2), UB will conduct a test for new student enrollment (Selma). The test, which is held in 23 cities in many parts of Indonesia, is a written test for selection programs of School Partnership Program (SPKS), Institutional Partnership Selection Program (SPKIns) and Selection of Regional Partnership Program (PRSP). For this students enrollment, UB provides about 8,261 form of sheets, which consists of the Natural Science (4,951 form) and Social Science (3,310 form). This amount includes SPKS: 7,260 form, SPKIns: 741 forms and the PRSP: 260 form. Although thousands of forms have been provided by Selma Committee, it still doesn't guarantee that all forms were sold.

High School Level Mathematics and Science Olympiad

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Student Executive Board (BEM) of MIPA UB is in cooperation with the Students' Association of Mathematics, Physics and Biology, conduct Mathematics and Natural Sciences Olympiad at the level of high school (SMA). This activity is divided into three rounds: elimination which is held on Sunday (28 / 2) and semi-final (6 / 3) and final (7 / 3). A total of 1,527 high school students from East Java, Bali, Sragen and Mataram follow this Olimpiad.

East Java Tae Kwon Do Senior Regional Competition

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The boards of East Java Tae Kwon Do Indonesia (Pengprov Jatim) will hold a Regional Championship (Kejurda) of Senior Tae Kwon Do (Kyorugi & Poomsae) of East Java 2010 in GOR Pertamina UB on Sunday (28/02). This Kejurda will invite all the members of Senior Tae Kwon Do who have passed the selection from all of the branches and twigs that exist in East Java to compete.

UB Officially Opens Multi Campus Programs

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Universitas Brawijaya officially opens Multi Campus Programs. This program is the Graduate Program for Master and Doctoral degree. Registration begins on February 22, 2010 until March 31, 2010.