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KENDI: Realizing Anti Diabetes Society

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Five students of UB Medical faculty Nursery Program initiate a program called KENDI to aid the people of Tawangargo village, Karangploso, Malang Regency in preventing penyakit Diabetes Melitus (DM) by processing mengkudu fruit (Morinda citrofolia) into various healthy products. They are Rani Rakhmawati, Reny Hartikasari, Musthika Wida Mashitah, Vebby Astri Rizkilia (2008) and Hermanto Ariandi (2009). KENDI stands for Kampung Edukasi Anti Diabetes (Anti Diabetes Education Village): Healthy Living Investment Through Economic-Primary Health Care (e-PHC) method through Mengkudu (Morinda citrofolia) processing. KENDI Program is an effort to initiate DM patient in Tawangargo village to improve the quality of society's life, ease medical cost through education on the danger of diabetes, the importance of changing unhealthy lifestyle and preventing disease complication. Such is as said by the head of team Rani Rakhmawati to PRASETYA Online, on Friday (27/5).  


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Universitas Brawijaya (UB) Rector, Prof Dr Ir Yogi Sugito releases 1187 graduates of Post Graduate Program, Undergaduate and Diploma III, Saturday (7/5) in Samantha Krida Building. They consists of Faculty of Economics (138 graduates), Faculty of Law (122 graduates), Faculty of Administrative Sciences (175 graduates), Faculty of Cultural Sciences (20 graduates), Faculty of Social Sciences and Political Sciences (49 graduates), Medical Faculty (128 graduates), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (148 graduates), Faculty of FIsheries and Marine Sciences (80 graduates), Faculty of Agriculture (57 graduates), Faculty of Animal Husbandry (31 graduates), Faculty of Engineering (164 graduates), Faculty of Agricultural Technology (72 graduates) and Post Graduate Program (3 graduates).  

Organic Solutions to Overcome Caterpillars in Probolinggo

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Explosion of caterpillars pest population in Probolinggo invites initiative research which is conducted by Department of Pests and Plant Diseases (HPT) Faculty of Agriculture Brawijaya University (FP UB). On Friday (8/4) HPT FP UB team conducted field research for the second time in Probolinggo. The team which was consisted of Dr. Ir. Gatot Mudjiono and Dr. Ir Toto Himawan SU with Food and Horticulture Plants Protection Unit, Department of Agriculture of East Java province visited three sites for sampling. This research was conducted to determine the main cause, as well as to find the solutions that can be done to anticipate the same event in the future.

Generally it can be seen; the incidence of Arctornis sp attacks allegedly due to the disruption of local natural balance. Currently, many natural enemies of caterpillars that disappeared like birds and flies. Un-control bird hunting causes in the reduction of birds populations that are the predators of caterpillars. Meanwhile, another limiting factor is a parasitoid fly larvaes that grow in the larva of caterpillars died from excessive use of chemical insecticides. Meanwhile, climate changes that are marked by the rising of air temperatures, accelerate the life cycle of caterpillars.

It Needs to Reform the Parties System into Simple One

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The upcoming election in 2014 which is estimated by  the Constitutional Court of Justice (MK), Akil Mochtar, becomes a momentum for political parties (porpol). A large number of political parties which will be trimmed to be less. Because the large number of parties will only complicate presidential system. The government does not work effectively because it must accommodate the interests of parties in parliament.

"So far parties have been holding our presidential system, the government must comply with many wishes of political parties in government," he said after became a speaker at the Seminar on Development of Political Parties and the Development of Future Democracy and the Book Launch "Dissolution of Political Parties" in Widyaloka building, UB, Friday (18/3).

UB Returns 8.9 Billion Rupiahs to Students' Parents

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For ten days, from Monday (21/2) to Friday (4/3), Brawijaya University (UB) will returns the  leftover of Educational Facilities Contribution (SPFP) or Educational Institution Development Contribution (SPIP) to the students' parents with the total of 8.9 billion rupiahs for 3,114 people. The developed fund will be returned to them based on the stated categories by each faculty, and from the selection process of students  admission.