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Raise Tapping, FH-UB Student Won Third Place Legislative Drafting

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Five students from Faculty of Law (FH-UB) have got achievement in the event of "Padjadjaran Love Fair Tribute to Prof. Sri Soemantri", which was held for three days (20-22/3) at Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung. They are Asrul Ibrahim Nur (FH 2006), Yusuf Al-Miraj farisy (FH 2007), Emil Birham Rizki (FH 2006), Primananda Afath (FH 2007) and also Mohamad Diemoz Priastomo Nico De Mar (FH 2008).

Dies Natalis, UB Give Free Treatment in Pujon

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Celebrating the 47th Dies Natalis, Universitas Brawijaya (UB) gave free medical treatment in Pandesari, Pujon, Malang. The activities were concentrated in the largest milk-producing village hall in Malang Raya, followed by around 330 residents. A number of doctors and students who were active in the Students Health Organization (Lakesma) involved in this activity. In addition, some faculty also participated as presenters in environmental nutrition and health education.

UB Creates Micro Hydro Power for the People

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Universitas Brawijaya  inaugurated the Micro Hydro Power (PLTMH) which had been made at Bendosari, Pujon, Malang. PLTMH has the potential to meet the needs of the local electric power for lighting and can operate electric water pump in order to increase the supply of clean water for local people especially for the people of Dadapan.

Inauguration of New Building UB FH

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Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir Yogi Sugito inaugurated the new building of Faculty of Law on Saturday (20/ 3/2010). The inauguration was marked by the signing of the stele and the ribbon-cutting by the rector and the Dean of FH-UB, Suryokumoro Herman SH, MS. Present on the occasion, the provosts, deans and deans' assistant, elders, alumnus, lecturers, staffs and students at FH-UB. The alumnus who attended including Chief Justices, Samsul Ma'arif and Mohammad Imron; Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission III, Benny K. Harman; a member of KPPU, Sukarmi; Vice Chairman of the Constitutional Court (MK), Prof. Dr. H. Ahmad Sodiki and former members of MK Prof. HA SH Mukthie Fadjar MS.

KHARISMA XV, A UB Jazz Festival

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KHARISMA XV "BRAWIJAYA JAZZ FESTIVAL", was a band festival among faculty of UB that would be held on Wednesday, March 24, 2010, in Samantha Krida Universitas Brawijaya. The event was held as an existency media of UKM-UB Home Band in the internal and external of UB both locally and nationally. More specifically, KHARISMA was held as a festival that had the characteristics and images of jazz music to be socialized as the kind of music who had the characteristics of UKM-UB Home Band. This was conveyed by Irma Al Azmi, Head of UKM-UB Home Band.