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Organic Solutions to Overcome Caterpillars in Probolinggo

Submit by humas3 on April 11, 2011 | View : 4315

Explosion of caterpillars pest population in Probolinggo invites initiative research which is conducted by Department of Pests and Plant Diseases (HPT) Faculty of Agriculture Brawijaya University (FP UB). On Friday (8/4) HPT FP UB team conducted field research for the second time in Probolinggo. The team which was consisted of Dr. Ir. Gatot Mudjiono and Dr. Ir Toto Himawan SU with Food and Horticulture Plants Protection Unit, Department of Agriculture of East Java province visited three sites for sampling. This research was conducted to determine the main cause, as well as to find the solutions that can be done to anticipate the same event in the future.

Generally it can be seen; the incidence of Arctornis sp attacks allegedly due to the disruption of local natural balance. Currently, many natural enemies of caterpillars that disappeared like birds and flies. Un-control bird hunting causes in the reduction of birds populations that are the predators of caterpillars. Meanwhile, another limiting factor is a parasitoid fly larvaes that grow in the larva of caterpillars died from excessive use of chemical insecticides. Meanwhile, climate changes that are marked by the rising of air temperatures, accelerate the life cycle of caterpillars.

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