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The Key to College Success is Student Achievement

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Brawijaya University increasingly shows its achievements to the world. A few days ago, the Faculty of Medicine students won the Jember International Dentistry Festival 2018 event. This international competition was held at the University of Jember, September 16-18 2018. Through research entitled P-FLAP (Pseudomonas flourescens Anti Pneumoniae), Rivaldi Brahmantio Hardani and Bigy Nuuron Dana (2016 Medical Education) and M. Fahmi Rizky (2015 Medical Education) won the first after defeating a team from Jendral Sudirman University, Gadjah Mada University, Airlangga University and also University of Jember.

In general, P-FLAP examines alternative therapies for the treatment of pneumonia. According to Rivaldo, this disease mostly affects children. "WHO said, in 2015, the deaths of children under 5 years were mostly due to pneumonia. In Indonesia, in the same year, Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) stated that pneumonia accounted for 15 percent of deaths in infants and children, with funds spent as much as 1.25 trillion rupiahs, "he explained.

According to Rivaldo, the therapy given to patients is a common antibiotic. However, in the span of treatment, it is feared the bacteria will change resistant to the treatment given. In addition it can also produce contraindications in the form of kidney and liver damage.

With this study, it is hoped that it can help the development of treatment for pneumonia and reduce the mortality rate due to bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. Not only that, Rivaldo and the team aimed so that this research could add insight through other research in the future for the development of medical science.

Not only P-FLAP, another international level achievement achieved by UB students is J-ROID. J-ROID (Android Jacket for Hypothermia-Hyperthermia) is a jacket that is equipped with several sensors so that it can detect the body temperature and pulse of the user. This body temperature and pulse are a marker of the condition of hyperthermia and hypothermia.

"J-ROID has a body heating and cooling actuator that can be activeted to stabilize body temperature. Both of these devices are placed on certain body parts to increase the effectiveness of the use of jackets", explained Firmansyah Putra Satria as the researcher. These two sensors will detect the possibility of early hypothermia or hyperthermia.


Besides having a body temperature detection sensor, J-ROID also has a panic button facility. "If the body temperature is less than 35 degrees Celsius, or above 40 degrees Celsius and accompanied by a pulse outside the normal range, then there is a buzzer that will be active. If the panic button on Android is pressed, it will send an emergency message to be evacuated immediately," he added .

Through J-ROID, Firmansyah Putra Satria, Ahmad Fathan Halim, Bagas Priyo HW (Electrical), Yurike Putri and Annisa Istighfari Hernanda R (Medical Education) won two awards, those are the Gold Medal and Special Award at the 100th International Exhibition of Invention, at Guangzhou, China. With the existence of J-ROID, it is expected to be a technological innovation to prevent hyperthermia and hypothermia so that it can reduce the death rate due to body temperature that is too low or too high.

According to Vice Chancellor III for Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ir. Arief Prajitno, MS, student achievements in various fields are a necessity. "For the international level, the number of UB's achievements is still relatively small, compared to the number of achievements at the national level. Therefore, Student Affairs strives to support students joining in various competitions especially international competitions", he said.

The encouragement given is also inseparable from UB's achievements in terms of ranking. By focusing on competition per individual, both WR III and Chancellors hope that many students can contribute great achievements.

Various efforts were also mobilized by the Student Affairs Official. Not only funding, various guidance will also be provided to support the students' ability to compete. "For the supervisor or coach, the one who determines is the Student Activity Unit or the team that will compete", he explained. This effort is also supported by students. Arief acknowledged that students are very creative in finding information on competitions, both national and international. "Often we don't know about the race, but students have sent abstracts and announced to be finalists, then we will know about the competition," he said.

Brawijaya University is aware that raising awareness for the academics about the importance of education that strengthens competency will help solve several problems of the nation, through innovation and research that can be utilized by the community, as stated by the Chancellor of Universitas Brawijaya, Prof. Dr.Ir. Nuhfil Hanani, AR., MS while inaugurating the title of 1099 graduates of the Diploma, Bachelor and Postgraduate Programs, on Saturday (09/22/2018) in Samanta Krida Building. [Translated by Muhlas]

The names of the best graduates are:

1. Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences: Putri Inova Novita, S.Pi

2. Faculty of Law: Annisa Saraswati, SH

3. Faculty of Economics and Business: Ni Kadek Yana Septia Lusi, S.E

4. Faculty of Administrative Sciences: Kharirus Sa'idiyah El Frida, S.AP

5. Faculty of Agriculture: Ivana Neelam Putri, S.P

6. Faculty of Animal Husbandry: Winda Rahayu, S.Pt

7. Faculty of Engineering: Early Rizkita Sari, S.T

8. Faculty of Medicine: dr. Ahmad Izzudin Ardi

9. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences: Heraniawati, S.Si

10. Faculty of Agricultural Technology: Ayu Diyaratasari, S.T

11. Faculty of Social and Political Sciences: Rahma Trias Kusuma Wardhani, S.Psi

12. Faculty of Cultural Studies: Reny Nur Rohmah, S.S

13. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine: Winarri Setyo Rini, S.KH

14. Faculty of Dentistry: Ratna Evita Sari, S.KG

15. Faculty of Computer Science: Jawara Wahyu Al Faraday, S.Kom

16. Master Program: Putri Rizky Amelia, M.P

17. Doctoral Program: Dr. Handry Argatama Ellion

18. Vocational Program: Nita Rachmawati Syafiri, A.Md