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Glaucoma Does Not Block Yohana from Achieving

Submit by vicky.nurw on February 14, 2018 | View : 256


One of the outstanding graduates of Brawijaya University who was inaugurated in the 8th  Period of the 2017/2018 academic year Graduation is Yohana Febrianti Hera. The graduate from the Faculty of Cultural Studies officially holds a Bachelor of Education degree on Saturday (04/04/2018) in the Samanta Krida building.

 Yohana is an English Language Education student, FIB UB in 2012. She took the Special Disability Program Selection because she lost her ability to see as a result of having Glaucoma.

 In this graduation, Yohana thanked the Chancellor. "Because there is a Disability Study and Service Center, we can still study like other friends. Because we are also the nation's children. Thank you Universitas Brawijaya", She said and was greeted with a warm pat from other graduates. During her studies, Yohana also made some achievements in singing. She is one of the X Factor Indonesia finalists so then she was well known as Yohana X Factor.

While the Chancellor appreciated her achievements, both Yohana’s academic and non-academic. "I was shocked, with his health condition, Yohana was able to finish her studies. Besides trying to heal her eyes, she also enthusiastically completed her education", said the Chancellor. He also hopes that people with disabilities can be accepted to work in accordance with their competences. "Now there are already diffable employees in the Ministry so that people are quite aware", he concluded.

 UB is a diffable-friendly campus pioneer in Indonesia. In collaboration with Macquaire University in 2013, UB began opening the Disability Service and Study Center. This institution officiated to facilitate the needs of difable students, including conducting selection, interviewing, lecturing simulations even providing companion volunteers during lectures. [vicky/Translated by Saiful]