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UB Press Supports Conscious Reading and Writing Movement for Indonesia

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Toko UB Press
Toko UB Press
A person can solve problems and make decisions effectively and efficiently if he/she has information literacy skills such as the ability to find and use the information needed. In college students' literacy information skills are a necessity because it will support the teaching and learning process and even become an important tool in fostering critical thinking ability.

In education, information literacy is given to improve students' access to the information needed. Therefore, higher education is required to be able to create an atmosphere and students who have information literacy skills to support the successfulness of  the learning process (Alam, 2016).

The book is one of the literacy media that supports academic activities. Aware of this, since 2009 Brawijaya University (UB) has a college publishing institution named UB Press. around 785 titles have been produced with sales reaching 60,797 copies until 2018.

With the vision of "Becoming the World's Best Class Publishers", UB Press has a mission to encourage the growth and development of a culture of reading, researching and writing among UB's academic community members. Furthermore, the institution currently led by Prof. Dr. Ir. Trinil Susilawati, MS strongly supports the conscious movement of writing and reading for Indonesia, which was declared by APPTI (Association of Indonesian College Publishers).

In his statement, Prof. Trinil said that the attention of UB's academics is especially great for lecturers to publish scientific works and popular results from their studies. One of the products is textbooks that were expected to have received positive responses from students. "If possible, all lectures use teaching book guidelines so that can facilitate students' understanding and improve the quality of teaching and learning," said the Professor of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry.

With a wider range, book publishing is considered more profitable than journals with very specific market share. In addition, book citations also prove to be higher than in journals. "The credibility of a scientific work (book) can be seen from the amount of its citation," said Trinil.

Because it will be cited by academics and the public, UB Press has a standard for books that are printed such as having source clarity through a plagiarism check before publication, having a novelty value and scientifically accountable.

UB Press also opens the opportunity for the general public to submit their work. The same benefits can be reached by people who choose UB Press to publish their work such as market segmentation, royalties, and management of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights).

Students are the main market share for UB Press. Therefore, there is a lot of production of UB Press which targets campuses such as UB Press Shop, which is located in Inbis Building Jl Veteran Malang, a corner bookcase in every faculty and other universities. The APPTI network is also a product marketing partner issued by its members according to the agreed agreement. In addition, UB Press also utilizes online sales with e-book production which according to Prof. Trinil attracts many book enthusiasts from abroad.

However, Prof. Trinil explained that marketing is the best to involve the writer. Therefore, he gave 75 copies of books produced to the author to be socialized by themselves, for example by giving to colleagues to help their promotion. Each book published by UB Press can also be accessed in various libraries such as the national library, East Java library, Malang City library, and UB library. [Denok / PR UB/Trans by Muhlas]


IV Period Graduation for Academic Year 2018/2019

As many as 1,118 graduates attended the 2018/2019 4th Academic Year graduation procession on Saturday (11/17/2018). The Faculty of Medicine has the highest number of 134 students, followed by the Administrative Sciences Faculty (121 students) and the Engineering Faculty (106 students). The following are the names of the best graduates in this graduation procession:

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences: Cindera Rasisa, S.Sos

Faculty of Law: Muhammad Akbar Nursasmita, S.H

Faculty of Economics and Business: Angga Bagas Samudra, S.E

Faculty of Administrative Sciences: Norma Wahyuningrum, S.Pn

Faculty of Agriculture: Aziziah Saloka, S.P

Faculty of Animal Husbandry: Indra Nurul Laili, S.Pt

Faculty of Engineering: Olivia Ferlita, S.T

Faculty of Medicine: Annisa Novidya Utami Harahap, S.Gz

Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences: Nurma Pujiyanti, S.Pi

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences: Yuni Nanda Lestari, S.Si

Faculty of Agricultural Technology: Jehan Kalonika, S.TP

Faculty of Cultural Stusies: Rezza Octa Dimas Pradana, S.S

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine: Seruni Ummi Aziizalita, S.KH

Faculty of Dentistry: Elsavira Askandar, S.KG

Faculty of Computer Science: Savira Fahrunisa, S.Kom and Kartika Utami, S.KOm

Master Program: Dedy Wahyu Hernanda, M.AP

Doctoral Program: Dr. Gusti Irya Ichriani

Diploma III Program: Ayu Fahrunnisa, A.Md


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