LPPM UB Optimizes the Community Service Potential of Young Lecturers

In order to optimize the quality of community service proposals, 200 young lecturers at UB took part in online and offline workshops held by the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM), Monday (3/8/2020), at Bluebells Hotel Malang. The speaker of the workshop was Prof. Dr. Okid Parama Astirin, MS., who is also a national reviewer of DIKTI.

In his remarks, the Chairman of LPPM Dr. Ir. Bambang Susilo, M.Sc., Agr. said that UB must return to its former glory as a campus with the title of the largest research proposal and dedication in Indonesia.

“In Brawijaya, there seems to be a downward trend for young lecturers in submitting research. Whereas the amount of funds donated to UB has increased, but fewer titles were submitted. It shows that the trends included in the research are senior lecturers. Therefore, we will conduct workshops in the future, which hopefully there will be an evaluation, because Brawijaya used to be one of the campuses with the largest research titles and community service in Indonesia, “said the former Dean of FTP UB.

Bambang emphasized the participants to prioritize proposals for community service activities. Because of the community service has a large impact, only applying technology that is very simple and is directly used by the community.

Then, the Chief Executive, Prof. Dr. Ir. Gatot Ciptadi, DESS., IPU said that the purpose of the workshop was to provide assistance and improvements together with the review team both internal and external UB.

“The workshop participants will be accompanied together before sending the title of the proposal. So later when the DIKTI schedule comes out, all proposals that so far have administrative obstacles to the substance can be better and well prepared to compete both nationally and internationally, “said Gatot. (dimas/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)