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Number 525 Volume XIX

Second Two Weeks, May 2010

News Index :

  1. Towards WCEU, UB Raised International Publication
  2. Lecturer of UB Faculty of Agricultural Technology Receive Award from Australian Embassy
  3. UB Win the LA Lights Campus League
  4. Participant of International Seminar and Indonesia Forum on Ocean Law Participate in Joy Sailing
  5. Faculty of Engineering Win BHC
  6. 781 UB New Students Submit Installment of Education Fee
  7. Central Library E-Book Sosialization
  8. Visit by Arab Saudy Ambassador for Indonesia
  9. 94 Entrepreneurship Student Program Group to Receive Funding Aid
  10. Understanding Culture Through Global Village
  11. UB as the Host of BIG Sinergi Workshop
  12. UB Veterinary Medicine Program Participate In Reptil Contest
  13. UB Lecturers to Speak in the UNESCO Conference
  14. UB Public Relation Maintains ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
  15. PKM & PMW 2010 Expo of Faculty of Agricultural Technology Students
  16. Lecturer of UB Fact of Law Participate in UN Committee Conference of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights
  17. Stem Cell Research to Be Developed Consistently
  18. PJM Conduct SMM SNI ISO 9001:2008 Training
  19. Agus P. Saptono: the Development of Talks in the Field of Education Service
  20. UB Faculty of Fishery and Marine Science Facilitated Coastal/Fisherman Community Development
  21. PKM Evaluation dan Monitoring by DP2M Directorate General of Higher Education
  22. Socialization of the Mechanism of the Procedure of Ministry of National Education Staff Planning
  23. National Training and Test of Expert of Goods and Service Procurement
  24. Empowerment of Malang's Ampel Gading Sheep Breeder
  25. Student Excecutive Body of Faculty of Agricultural Technology Student Conduct National Seminar and Social Works

Prasetya Bulletin

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Number 524 Volume XIX

First Two Weeks, May 2010

News Index :

  1. Lecturer of UB Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Presenting in PICES Symposium and Workshop, Japan
  2. The Anniversary of Student Activity Unit of Art
  3. UB Goes to Green Metrics
  4. BPK Goes To Campus
  5. Directorate of Higher Education Fund E-Journal for Universities
  6. Indonesian Geography Expedition (EGI) 2010 East Java
  7. Professional Study of Legal Drafting
  8. Release of UB Peksiminal Team
  9. International Seminar of Marine Law by UB Faculty of Law
  10. Lecturer of UB Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Presenting in ICFIA Thailand
  11. Kine Klub Visit Towards Mafvie Fest 2010
  12. Two UB Professors Inaugurated Today
  13. Towards The Establishment of The ASEAN 2015 Community
  14. 78 New Student Enrolled Through Non Academic Admission
  15. UB Faculty of Agriculture Lecturer as a Presenter of a Morning Class in Japan
  16. Prof. Budi Setiawan : Facing The Liberalisation, AgriBusiness Management Synergizing is Necessary
  17. Monev PKM 2010 in UB
  18. Prof.Dr. Bambang Supriyono, MS: The Need of Regional Development Strategy Based on Multicultural Community
  19. ABEST21 Accreditation Mentoring in FE
  20. UB Men's Basketball Contingent Became a Dark Horse
  21. Zainal Asikin : Law Structure Has a Lack of Understanding of Built and Transfer Agreement
  22. Young Kartini in The Modern Era
  23. Prof. Tsair-Wang Chung: Indonesia has a Big Potentiality for Biofuels
  24. Veterinary Medicine Program Conduct Guest Lectures on Stem Cell
  25. Teacher's Professionalism by Innovative Teaching
  26. Earth Day Photo Essay Exhibition
  27. Rector Cup Volleyball Tournament

Prasetya Bulletin

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Number 523 Volume XIX

Second Two Weeks, April 2010

News Index :

  1. Legislative Parliamentary Member Visit UB to Discuss Education
  2. Work Analysis Training to Improve Nurse's Skill
  3. Bidik Misi 2010 Scholarship
  4. 4ICU Declare UB on 6th Position
  5. UB Press Gathering Batch I 2010
  6. The Announcement of Student Enrollment (PSB)
  7. The Forsworn of UB New Employees
  8. The Lecturer of Faculty of Animal Husbandry Presented His Paper at Thailand
  9. The Lecturer of UB Presented Her Paper on RELC Seminar
  10. New NOC, UB Aims to Improve Information and Communication Technology
  11. Graduation of The Alumni of 2009/2010 Period
  12. UB Inaugurate New Professor
  13. Presented Malnutrition Action, Student of Faculty of Agriculture Technology Going to USA
  14. Prof Zaenal Kusuma: Strategy on Increasing the Irrigation Water To Create The Healthy Agriculture
  15. Prof Margono: Organization Empowerment, Remove Bureaucracy Culture
  16. Two Private Universities Benchmark to UB
  17. Entrepreneur Winner Share Their Experiences
  18. UBEDC 2010 on The Way to National Debate Competition
  19. Understanding Sex and Its Myth
  20. The Selection of University of Miyazaki Japan Scholarship
  21. Bazaar at University KPN UB
  22. Double Degree UB and USQ
  23. Durian Research Center Faculty of Agriculture
  24. UB, The Centre of Excellence Gen Stat
  25. Student Entrepreneurship Program
  26. Faculty of Medical Inaugurate 9 Doctor in Various Expert
  27. Dharma Wanita (Woman Organization) Celebrate The Kartini's Day

Prasetya Bulletin

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Number 522 Volume XIX

First Two Weeks, April 2010

News Index :

  1. Inauguration of New Building of Faculty of Law
  2. UB Annual Meeting: Consolidation of UB as World Class Entrepreneurial University
  3. Economic Environment Study Should Be Developed
  4. Technical Assistance in Budgeting
  5. Student of Faculty of Law as The Runner Up for Legislative Drafting Competition
  6. The Major of Malang Visits UB
  7. The Opening Ceremony of The 6th Reading Qur'an Competition
  8. The Enrollment of SNMPTN UB 2010
  9. Library as The Corridor of Nation's Civilization
  10. UB Annual Meeting 2010
  11. Training on Sheep Artificial Insemination
  12. Sharpen Business Idea with "ShellLivewire Bright Ideas"
  13. UB to initiate the Idea of in Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  14. Slamet Subyakto Dissertation: Affectivity of Kerapu Tikus Growth Hormone Gene Transfer
  15. UB 16 S Stove is Believed to Support Energy Independent Village
  16. Rescheduling Dateline for National Strategy Competitive Proposal Grant
  17. Jazz Festival Ends
  18. UB on National Basketball Competition
  19. APIS 2010: Developing Sustainable Husbandry
  20. Student of Faculty of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Presented the Report On Legislative Parliament
  21. Celebrating the Anniversary, UB Gives Free Medicine for Community
  22. LG Electronics Indonesia Recruitment
  23. Joint Research on Institution and Higher Education
  24. Thousand of People Enjoy Mrs Dorce Performance on UB's Art Night

Prasetya Bulletin

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Number 521 Volume XIX

Second Two Weeks, March 2010

News Index:

  1. Micro Hydro Electricity from UB for Community
  2. Representatives of University of Kentucky Visits UB to Discuss Curriculum
  3. Opportunity and Challenge of Livestock Production in Developing Countries
  4. The Database of UB Scientific Paper Should Be Improved
  5. The Forsworn of New Doctor
  6. Prof Temple Smith: Man Contribute Largely in the Fertility
  7. Student Association and University Should be more Harmonious
  8. Competition of the High Achieving Students
  9. Grant for Research in 2010
  10. UB Arrange Proposal to World Class University
  11. The 3rd Online Scholarship Published
  12. UB President: Keroncong Should Be Preserved on Campus
  13. Municipal Government Responded Positively on UB Branch Kediri
  14. Dorta Simamora Dissertation: NAC's effect on ROS and Antioxidant level on Malaria Infection
  15. Unmas Study visits UB for Comparative Study on PIMNAS
  16. Kochi University Visit UB
  17. Grant for National Strategy Research
  18. Jazz, New Music Icon in UB
  19. The Preparation of The Arts Winner (Peksiminal) to Province Championship
  20. East Java Regional Basket League
  21. Workshop on Soft Skill Entrepreneur
  22. Fulbright Scholarship Presentation
  23. The Recruitment of Pama Persada Nusantara
  24. Entrepreneurship Talk Show at Sampoerna Corner
  25. UB, The Winner of Best Design Pre Mentoring RAMP Indonesia
  26. Thousand of Audience Enjoy "Rajasuya Indraprasta" Pupet Show 
  27. Leadpreneurship to Develop Entrepreneurship