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Number 532 Volume XIX

First two weeks, September 2010

News Index:

  1. FIA-Japan Cooperation is Extended
  2. FIB's Students Receive Scholarship to Japan.
  3. TJ Moedjiharto was Passed Away
  4. A visit of Biology Professor from National Sun Yat-Sen University of Taiwan
  5. FP Lecturers as the International Symposium Speaker of Biocontrol & Biotechnology
  6. FP-UB Presents Weeds as Bio-ethanol Material in Japan
  7. Entrepreneur Seminar with Rasulullah style
  8. FE Lecturer is in the Second Place of JIEB's 2010
  9. Eid Khutbah: the Best will be the Leader
  10. Finance Minister is the Rights holder of Insurance Company Bankruptcy Sues
  11. Best Accounting Student is Recruited by "Ernst & Young"
  12. UB Marching Band Follows Bali Nusantara Cultural Parade
  13. Prof. Fujimoto: Japanese Contribution to the Development of the Brantas River Basin
  14. FH-UB Lecturer's article is in International Journal
  15. Renstra Discussion of Malang Housing
  16. Again, 5 Alumni of FE are Received without Tests
  17. FIA Selects Ombudsman Commission of Indonesia Republic
  18. From AAAP Taiwan: Study of Consumer Selection On Goat Milk's Kefir
  19. S3 Students Passed Sandwich Like 2010
  20. Presentation by Prof. Nyoman in Belgium
  21. 38 Articles of FT-UB's Lecturers are published in International Journal
  22. Ibrahim Nuh Mohammad's Dissertation: The Effect of Carboxymethyl to Mastocyte Degranulation
  23. The Increased of International Journal Publications
  24. A Visits from FMIPA Unmul Samarinda
  25. Environmental Aspects in Government's Programs
  26. Bidik Misi Scholarship 2010
  27. Farmers are not Protected

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Number 531 Volume XIX

Second Two Weeks, Agustus 2010

News Index:

  1. The Official Opening of Kampus UB di Jakarta
  2. Increase Popularity, UB Gives it Staff with Journalism Trainning
  3. Hibah IbM Mono 2010
  4. One Al'Quran, One Student
  5. Students of FH UB Win MK Paper Writing Contest
  6. Biology Doctoral Visitation Program of FMIPA UB
  7. Lecturers of PWK FT UB Attending MAPASIA 2010
  8. Students of FIB Attending Cultural Excange to Japan
  9. There is Sp-1 Urology in FKUB RSSA
  10. UB Commemotares HUT RI-65
  11. Vocation Program Presents PK2MABA
  12. Biocensor Guess Lecturing in PPS FK
  13. Socialization the Implementation of Evaluation on FT's Lecturers Performance
  14. Workshop about Implementation Strategy of SPMI ISO 9001:2008
  15. Lecturers of FMIPA Passed Dissertation Test in Unair
  16. Beware of Televisi Broadcast
  17. Asia SEED Visits MAP FIA
  18. Free to Live Properly
  19. UBAQA for the Qualified
  20. UB is the Host of "The 16th AAAP Congres 2014"
  21. Bank Indonesia Asks FPT Lecturers
  22. The First Lecturing of FIA
  23. PR III: Alumni Must United
  24. SPPA Sosek FP Conducting Trainning on Increasing Human Resources of Agriculture
  25. Reviewong Book "Enterpreneurship Kaum Sarungan"

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Number 530 VOlume XIX

First Two Weeks, August 2010

News Index:

   1. UB's Lecturer Gets Ristek Award 2010
   2. FK's Student Wins Asia Photography Contest
   3. Raising Non-Thermal Pasteurised Milk, UB's Student Wins i-STEP 2010
   4. The Inaugurated of Tax Center in FIA UB
   5. FK UB Cooperates with The Dutch School of Gynecological Oncology and Pelvic Surgery
   6. UB's Security Units are Inaugurated
   7. The Rector Visit from Al-Mergheb University Libya
   8. Geliat Penulisan buku di Sosek FPIK
   9. Tractor Training by IAAS UB
  10. Entrepreneurship Using the Concept of Coblas Program
  11. FIA UB Conducting Ordik Postgraduate of 2010
  12. PK2MABA Postgraduate UB
  13. The Achievement of Genetic assembly of Long Beans
  14. The Visits of Doctoral Microbiology Expert from Dutch in FK UB
  15. UB Contributes 2 Silvers and 1 Bronze for East Java
  16. UB Officialy Accepts 10,714 Freshmen
  17. Lecturer of FP UB Speaks on "3rd Young Scientist Seminar"
  18. MoU Partnership UB - Kassel University, Jerman
  19. PMW 2010 Entrepreneurship Training
  20. Pangdam V Brawijaya: Returns the Independent of this Country
  21. Improve the Exchange Value of Farmers
  22. Benny K. Harman: The People's Sovereignty Subject to the Constitution
  23. Cientifico Choir of FMIPA UB Wins the FPS ITB XXII
  24. Prof. Dr. Mukti Fadjar: MK as the Negative Legislator
  25. The First Performance of UB's Drum Corps
  26. Character Building Needs Socialization
  27. 10 Minutes to Detect Formaline
  28. The Reviewers Visit from PHK-I
  29. PP OTODA FH UB held a Basic Course of Regional Laws in East Java
  30. Friendship Sports Match Between UB and PT IPMUMI Paiton Energy

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Number 529 Volume XIX

First Two Weeks, Juli 2010

News Index:

  1. UB's Public Relations Attends National Congress of Indonesia Perhumas
  2. Building Handover from Mandiri Bank to UB
  3. SSB UB-82 Competes Dispora Cup
  4. To Avoid Malnutritions, FTP Students get position III of Food Competition in United States
  5. Extrication of KKN TEMATIK 2010
  6. UB Public Relations is in position II of Nasional Bakohumas
  7. UB Welcomed 2,220 Students from SPMK
  8. MoU between PIBLAM UB and PLN P3B Jawa-Bali
  9. YES UB Sends Delegation to YiCA
  10. 1105 of UB's Graduation in Graduation Ceremony
  11. FPIK UB's Lecturer Attending Seminar about Fisheries and Marines in UGM
  12. UB Grants Asrama Building in RSUD Ngudi Waluyo, Wlingi, Blitar
  13. Students of FPIK UB Attending AJARI V
  14. Ten Research Titles are Paid by DIPA UB 2010
  15. Fisip UB's Lecturer Attending International Conference in Portugal
  16. SPMI Design Training and Internal Auditor of the 7th Generation
  17. UB Delegation Gets Four Gold in Pimnas XXIII
  18. MSDP FPIK Attending Environtment Exhibition 2010
  19. Building PSL Network across East Java
  20. Palestine's Students Study in FK UB
  21. The Announcement of SNMPTN 2010 inUB
  22. UB's Public Relations Attend a Workshop "How to Handle Press Well"
  23. Eight Proporsals of UB were Allowed in National Research Strategies
  24. Disertation of Anthon Efani: The Production Functions of Stochastic Frontier and Technical Efficiency of Tuna Fishing Enterprises
  25. Business Administration Curriculum Workshop in FIA-UB
  26. Internal Auditor Training of SPMI Non-Academic
  27. LSIH-UB Hold National Seminar on Life Science Research
  28. Thousands of Job Seeker Fill the  Job Fair on FE
  29. Monitoring and Evaluating Incentive Program of KMNRT
  30. Landscape Restoration in Spatial Planning