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No 537 Year XIX

Second Biweek, November 2010

News Index

  1. Bronze from Busan Korsel
  2. KRAI Showcase its Ability
  3. 94 Awards in Korpri Anniversary
  4. Aids for merapi
  5. Monev WCU
  6. Visit the Land for Kediri Branch
  7. 48 Anniversary, held UB Inside
  8. Brawijaya Entrepreneurship Week 2010
  9. Roger Price, PhD: Withdraw Indonesian Expatriate
  10. YES UB Guided as the Third Winner in III CMA 2010
  11. Karni Talk about Journalistics
  12. Daihatsu Share Stories in UB
  13. UB Cooperate with Pelindo
  14. Student Competence Workshop
  15. Telita Arema, Third Winner in Kemenegpora
  16. Training of BAPSI Data Management
  17. Winner of Sciencesational U
  18. Resend 64 Double Degree Student
  19. Traffic Accident, Highest in Malaysia
  20. Discussion of Students-Market Traders
  21. Lecturers of the faculty of Animal Husbandry as the Speaker in IDC 2010
  22. Good Service of FP
  23. Water Rocket Contest Started
  24. Student of FPIK as National Paper Presenter
  25. Healthy Walk 47 Anniversary of FT
  26. Distracs Talks about Iran Nuclear Issue


Buletin Prasetya

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No 536 Year XIX

First Biweek, November 2010

News Index:

  1. Launching of Telemedicine with ESIA
  2. Unitomo Cooperate with UB to Enhance Doctoral Program for Lecturer
  3. FE Build Partnership with SAP Asia Pasific
  4. Rector Releases 1122 Alumni
  5. From the Lecture of Prof ALP Malazgirt: Entrepreneurship is proportional to welfare
  6. One Million Book Festival 2010
  7. BUSC Flies to Busan
  8. Bat Conservation in Sempu
  9. Youth Oath BEM FP
  10. Lecturer Certificate 2010
  11. Dr. Johan Noor: Medical Physics is Needed by Radiologi Radiology
  12. Young and Achieving
  13. H.E. Scot Marciel: Strengthen Indonesia Through Education
  14. Pesticide Kills Natural Predator
  15. National Moot Court Competition
  16. Development of Creative Economics
  17. FE Presents in ABEST21 Forum
  18. Golden Anniversary of the Faculty of Agriculture
  19. Re Study of Direct Election of Regional Heads
  20. Political Workshop and Regulation Analysis
  21. International Based SME
  22. Tropical Fruit Network
  23. Government Must Be Innovative and Participative
  24. Directorate General of Catch Fish :Minapolitan is not Started from Zero
  25. Monitoring of the Implementation of ISO 9001:2008 PJM
  26. NSW Service, Customs Reformation

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No 535 Year XIX

Second Biweek, October 2010

News Index :

  1. UB Signs Cooperation with Business Practitioner
  2. Again, Jet Air Type Vacuum Frying got Achievement
  3. Lecturer Portofolio Should be Completed
  4. Kristen F. Bauer: Lack of Understanding, Main Obstacle to America
  5. KPRI Held Cooperation Training
  6. Rinjani Defeated by Impala UB
  7. Unika as the Winner of Universities Table Tennis Tournament in UB
  8. Japanese Consulate in UB
  9. Tax Socialization Day, Rector UB Receive Flower & Gift
  10. From Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum 2010
  11. Prof. Dr. Ir. Ginandjar Kartasasmita: Development Planning Must be Down to Earth
  12. Final Meeting of Ministry of National Education Irjen
  13. Delayed Final of Volleyball, FPIK Wins
  14. Two Guided Partners of YES UB participate in CMA 2010
  15. Sukuk Goes to Campus
  16. REDD+ National Strategy
  17. To Carbon Trading Era
  18. Faculty of Economics Transformation Discourse
  19. Lecturer of FISIP UB Attend International Asia Africa Seminar
  20. UB Release 69 Haji Participants
  21. Workshop of Precision Step of UB Toward WCU
  22. UB Lecturer as the Main Speaker in International  Symposium on "Fungal Biodiversity and Resources"
  23. UB Build Education Building in RSSA
  24. CPNS Selection of UB

Buletin Prasetya

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No 534 Year XIX

First Biweek, October 2010

News Index :

  1. National Work meeting IKA UB
  2. UB Writes its Name in "102 Indonesian Innovation 2010"
  3. Site Visit of Multi year DP2M Dikti 2010 Program
  4. Brawijaya Olimpics 2010 Started
  5. BLM Fund Helps Provision of PHKI Atsiri Oil
  6. Peter Temple-Smith: IVF, Solution to Genetic Disease and Infertility
  7. Prof. Kurniatun Hairiah: Coffee Agroforestry has a High Reserve of Coffee
  8. Effort to Promote the Position of Lecturer
  9. UB Lecturer Attend Homestay in Australia
  10. FK UB Depart Humanity Team to Wasior
  11. Lecturer of FP-UB present in 23rd International Conference on Coffee Science ASIC 2010
  12. Knowing Bridge
  13. 1000 Proposals for PIMNAS XXIV
  14. Syahrul Kurniawan, SP, MP: The Role of Coffee Garden to stop the Loss of Soil Nutrient
  15. Agriculture Acarology Training
  16. UB Student Winner of Swimming Contest of Indonesian Students
  17. MAP FIA-UB Participate in Roadshow Bappenas
  18. Tae Kwon Do UB Second Winner in East Java
  19. Perfect Score for Microsoft Certification
  20. FH Lecturer Attends BIHRC 2010
  21. FMIPA Lecturer Attenf Congress of Medical Physics
  22. Student of FH Winner of Archiving Contest
  23. Comparative Student of Preparation of IVF in Australia
  24. FK Award 2010
  25. WCU Inbis Cooperate with Certiport
  26. Monev External of Multi Year DP2M Dikti 2010 Program
  27. Admission of CPNS UB
  28. Syaria Banking National Workshop by CIES FE UB

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No 533 Year XIX

Second Biweek, September 2010

News Index :

  1. Organizing the Campus, Leaders Walk on Foot
  2. Ruhut Sitompul: Give Chance to Celebrities
  3. ODP Selection of Mandiri
  4. Initial Meeting of Irjen Kemdiknas
  5. FK Inaugurate 22 Specialist Doctors
  6. Visits for Mapping of Higher Education Research Performance
  7. IAAS to Thailand
  8. UB Big Family Gathering
  9. Re-Organizing Camat Institution
  10. 1159 Students Graduated
  11. The Importance of National Education Paradigm
  12. Faculty of Law Sends Lecturer to Social Justice Training
  13. OSN PTI 2010 Selection for East Java
  14. Bambang Widjojanto : Corruption in Big Scale is Qualified as Heavy Crime against Humanity
  15. Lecturer of FISIP Indonesian Delegate in Turkey
  16. BFI Scholarship for FE
  17. FTP Student Participate in Youth Sailing ASEAN - Jepang
  18. Suciwati : Value of Humanity is Ignored
  19. Guest Lecture from Victoria University
  20. Remembering the Meaning of Haji
  21. Lecturer of Faculty of Law take a Course in UN
  22. Cooperate with UB in Developing
  23. Cooperation of UB - TIR
  24. Lecturer of Faulty of Law Attend International Conference
  25. Kevin Evans: Toward Strong Integrity System
  26. Sahnan: Solving Dispute Outside the Court
  27. Improving Income with EPSBED
  28. FT Conduct Meeting of IJAR Author
  29. Ners Oath and Release of Nutrient Graduate