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No 542 Year XIX

First Biweek, February 2011

News Index:

  1. Grand Opening Yubi Tour & Travel
  2. UB Student Founder of Certilage Degradation Stick got MURI Record
  3. Medical Faculty Open Master Program of Midwifery
  4. UB and Pohuwato Regeny, Gorontalo Province, Cooperate
  5. Internatonal Workshop of Water Management System
  6. DPRD Bojonegoro Initiate Regional Act for Education
  7. Medical Faculty Winners of PKM GT New Students
  8. Phytomining, Alternative technology which is more environmentally friendly
  9. Rector Inaugurate Vice rector and Dean
  10. The eight National Meeting Elect the Head of IKA UB
  11. Help Lost Haji Participant, got MURI Record
  12. Scientific Article Publication Aid on Periodical with International Reputation
  13. PKM GT New Student Presentation
  14. Socialization of Indofood Riset Nugraha 2011
  15. Selection of Linkage Programme MAP Directly by Japanese Professor
  16. UB and PT Pupuk Iskandar Muda Agree to Cooperate
  17. Agrivita Ready to Go International
  18. LSIH Visits NUCM to Discuss Cooperation
  19. 2012 UB the Host of Entrepreneurship Education Conference
  20. UB Gives Free Catharact Service for Students
  21. Text Book Writing Grant 2011
  22. Brawijaya English Tournament 2011
  23. UB Attend Education Exhibition in Jakarta
  24. Guest Lecture by BCIT Canada in Chemistry Dept
  25. Leader's Disposition Unclear, Inhibit the Process
  26. Dies Natalis UB Celebrated by Traditional Games

Buletin Prasetya

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No 541 Year XIX

Second Biweek, January 2011

News Index:

  1. Changing of Behavior, Most Important Determinant of Human Health
  2. UB Cooperate with Media
  3. Dinoyo Resident Enthusiastic in Participating in Free Medication
  4. Anies Baswedan : Education is National Responsibility
  5. Vice Rector I : Invitational still have to Attach Raport
  6. First Harvest of Broiler Chicken Sumber Sekar Laboratory
  7. Resosil IMPALA Visits Ujung Kulon
  8. Ministry of Defense RI and UB Cooperate in Nirmiliter Cooperation
  9. 50 New Students Get I-MHERE Scholarship
  10. Korea Asked for Guest Lecture from UB
  11. Inauguration of PPDS Boarding House and Co-Ass in RSUD Wlingi
  12. Tohoku University Engage UB for IPESS Program
  13. Central Office on the first position of Simphoni Brawijaya
  14. Ibnu Tricahyo Member of ORI 2011-2016
  15. Competition getting Tough, Biofarma Cooperate with Campus
  16. Prof. Aard J. Groen: Entrepreneurship, Talent alone is not Enough
  17. Rector Graduates 1084 Students
  18. Jang Sang Ah, South Korean who graduate with Cumlaude on FH
  19. Discuss Cigarette, PBNU Visits UB
  20. EC Navi Jepang Interested to Indonesian Market
  21. Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih: Indonesia need to reform Primary Health Service
  22. FH Student Wind Second Position in LKTM BPK 2011
  23. Socialization of Education Laboratory Staff
  24. PJM Held Acceleration of Accreditation Document Arrangement Program
  25. Hundreds International Publications of UB Lecturers on 2010
  26. FMIPA Winner of UB Plastic Soccer League

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No 540 Year XIX

First Biweek, January 2011

News Index:

  1. UB and STIE-BI Agree to Cooperate
  2. Fireworks Party in the New Year
  3. Open Meeting of UB Senate 2011
  4. UNPAD Visits UB
  5. Scientific Oration of UB 48 Anniversary 48,
  6. Transportation Policy Sides with the Poor
  7. UB Nursery Program ready to open S2 Emergency Nursing
  8. Christmas and New Year Celebration by UB Christian Community
  9. Agroforestry as the Reward of REDD+ in Carbon Trading Era
  10. To improve the quality of graduates, MMRS have a discussion with Hospitals
  11. UB Lecturer publication in Springer: Landscape conservation of Indonesian Culture
  12. Culture Learning Through SSEAYP in Fuji Maru
  13. 1 Million for Tempura Seller
  14. Mariska J. Roersen: Competence and Togetherness is Important to Develop Business
  15. Improving Service, UB Launch e-Comnplaint
  16. Cooperation of UB Double Degree Program and Yamaguchi University
  17. In Cumbent Vice Rectors Stays
  18. Polyclinic to Held Medical Check Up and Catharact Operation for Free
  19. Entrepreneurship, Joint Program by UB and UT
  20. From the Patient Safety Seminar: Patient Safety is a priority
  21. Toward PKM-GT Maba 2011
  22. Current Position of Five UB Deans Election
  23. Prf. Dr. Chandra Fajri Ananda MSc: Grand Design of Fiscal Decentralization
  24. Prof Ahmad Erani: Reformation Without Economic Strategy of Institutionality
  25. Dies Natalis 48, Penanggungan as the Pilot Project of SIMAKEL
  26. Dirjen Dikti's Award for UB

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Nomor 539 Tahun XIX

Dwi Minggu Kedua, Desember 2010

Index Berita:

  1. Teaching Farm Untuk UB
  2. Rektor Lantik Pejabat
  3. Lokakarya Pembimbingan Penulisan Karya Ilmiah Siswa SMA
  4. Brawijaya Electric Vehicle Competition 2010
  5. Pameran Karikatur Budaya
  6. Dari Sosialisasi Disiplin PNS: Pejabat yang tidak memberikan HD bisa dihukum
  7. ITS Studi Banding SPP
  8. Pemkab Kediri Butuh Kepastian Pendirian Kampus
  9. Donor Darah dan Cek Kesehatan
  10. Rintis Kerjasama dengan University of Twente
  11. Lomba Joget Dies Natalis ke-48
  12. Konferensi Asia Afrika Sebagai Tonggak
  13. Diplomasi Internasional Indonesia
  14. UB Kukuhkan Dua Guru Besar
  15. Dibutuhkan Tenaga Kerja yang Kompeten
  16. 3981 Dokter Telah Dihasilkan FK
  17. SIUDA Online Mulai Diaplikasikan
  18. Kak Seto Ajak Bapak dan Ibu Mendongeng
  19. PD I FP UB Wakili Indonesia dalam
  20. International Conference on Agroforestry Education
  21. Prof Moh Ali Aziz: Jadilah Muslim yang Maksimal
  22. 35 UKM Terima Kredit dari PT Danareksa (Persero)
  23. Meriahnya Jalan Sehat Dies Natalis ke 48
  24. Kuda Hitam Juarai Brawijaya Premier Futsal Competition 2010
  25. Epistemologi Membangun Multiparadigma

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No 538 Year XIX

First Biweek, December 2010

News Index:

  1. UB Launch Electronic Procurement Service
  2. Consultant Education Should get Doctoral Degree
  3. Prof. Achmad Sodiki: Law that is Humane to Human
  4. Head of Security Unit : UB Security is not the Sole Responsibility of Security Unit
  5. Fadel Muhammad Inaugurate UB FIA Building
  6. Dirjen Dikti: Regulation Harmonization is Needed Toward PTP PK BLU
  7. UB Public Relations Attend Workshop of How to Handle Press Well
  8. Bem FTP Held Blood Donor Event
  9. "UB Inside" Photographs Exhibited in Widyaloka
  10. Initiated the Opening of Kediri Branch, UB Buy Land in Mrican
  11. UB Student General Election
  12. Open Tournament of Student Tae Kwon Do Held in GOR UB
  13. UB Inaugurate Three Professors Today
  14. Visit from Unhas for PIMNAS 2011
  15. Learning Government System from Germany
  16. IFT Accreditation Strengthen THP for WCU
  17. Agroexpo 2010, Promotional Means to the People
  18. Lecturer of FIA Presents in ANZMAC
  19. Fundraising for Wasior, Mentawai and Merapi
  20. One Decade of Regional Autonomy
  21. External Monev of DP2M Dikti
  22. Rahmita, Student of FTP Finalist of Wismilak Diplomat Success Challenge