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Buletin Prasetya Edisi 547

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Number 547 Year XX

April 2011

News Index :

1.       Prof Dr Meutia Hatta :  Women Must Have Fighting Spirirt
2.       Women must be Couregeous to Write Book
3.       Affordable Market in Kartini Day
4.       UB Second Winner of Pomda Karate East Java
5.       Selection of Achieving Students on University Level
6.       Don't Bribe Journalist
7.       LP3 Held PEKERTI for New Lecturer of UB
8.       AIESEC LC UB Supports Malang SME Exhibition
9.       Learn to Apply Proportional Tuition Fee, UNY Visits UB
10.   KOPMA Institutionality Strengthening Workshop
11.   Mud Flow, Indicator of Hydrocarbon
12.   SBB UB Win in U-11 Rajawali Cup
13.   Thousands UB Doctor Spread in the Nation
14.   Again, Bank Cooperate with UB
15.   Development of Technology Supports the Improvement of World Oil Reserve
16.   Hundreds of UB Athletes Participate in East Java Pomda
17.   Thousands of New Entrepreneurship for 2014
18.   Registration for IGN-TTRC Training Opened
19.   New Student of PPDS Officially Accepted
20.   Biofarma Ready to Cooperate with UB
21.   Handito Joewono Spread Push the Pedal Formula
22.   Working Camp IAAS : Introducing Kondang Merak as Eduecotourism Region
23.   Excellent Secretary Support UB to become WCU
24.   Motivating Students Through University Visit
25.   Inotek Guide Biomass Stove and Laban Elektrik
26.   From Rakernas IKA UB : Alumni UB Clean and Professional


Buletin Prasetya Edisi 546

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Number 546 Year XIX

April 2011

News Index :

1.       Sugeng Prianto : More Precision and Efficient by Virtual Surgery
2.       Students of Faculty of Law Win Legislativ Drafting Contest
3.       GS Top Universities Ready to Help UB
4.       Jimly Asshiddiqie : Perform Revolution of Law Curriculum
5.       Public Relation Manage to Maintain ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
6.       Elastic Wheel as the Alternative of Potential Electricity Source
7.       FISIP held Shadow Puppet Show, the Puppetmaster is Local Student
8.       Development of Information and Computer Sciences Curriculum
9.       Germany and France Language Course
10.   Inauguration of Committee and Supervisor of KPRI UB
11.   UB Raising Fund for Victim of Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami
12.   Cooperation of UB and Bank Syariah Mandiri
13.   ISE UniKL Malaysia Invite UB to Cooperate
14.   TVRI Covers UB Research and Entrepreneurship Activities
15.   Riot Control Training
16.   UB Participate in Regional ONMIPA PT Selection
17.   Dahlan Iskan : Alternative Electrical Energy Saves 6 Trillions Every Year
18.   E-SOBES AHA: Help Farmers
19.   Incumbent PD I Chosen Again in FP
20.   Syaugi's Dissertation : Harmonization of Al-Bai' and CISG Law
21.   FISIP Starts the Construction of Building II
22.   Reposition of Indonesia in the Era of New World


Buletin Prasetya Edisi 545

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Number 545 Year XIX

March 2011

News Index :

1.       Invitational SNMPTN, UB The fourth Biggest in Indonesia
2.       From the Official's Work Meeting : UB semakin memantapkan diri mewujudkan WCEU
3.       UB Partner of Researchers Network initatiation Indonesia-Germany
4.       'Michael Jackson' Appear in UB
5.       IAAS Food Science Training in THP Bakery
6.       Rektor Present Opening Speech of International Symposium in Tokyo
7.       SIMET Analysis, Found New Gene
8.       Immunity from Legal Authority for Ambassador
9.       Opening of the 7th UB Student MTQ
10.   Monitoring of Pujon Energy Indpendence Village by PLN
11.   Cooperation with Batu Bara
12.   Dean of FE Attend ABEST21 Accreditation Meeting in Tokyo
13.   Dozens of Known Companies Participate in Job Fair JPC
14.   Again, Nyoman Nurjaya Presenting Paper in Argentina
15.   Dean of FE Chosen as the Head of FKPTPI
16.   65 SD/MI Compete in 02SNK Lowokwaru
17.   Sarah Lacy : Learn from Silicon Valley, Dig Your Own Potentiality
18.   Entrepreneurship Talk Show in Sampoerna Corner
19.   Socialization of Four Pillars of Nation and State
20.   Kiyoshi Kobayashi : HIPPAM, Alternative People's Based Water Procurement
21.   UB Leader Invites Street Vendors for Dialogue
22.   Work Meeting of Medical Faculty
23.   Isshoni Tanoshimimasho 6



Buletin Prasetya

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No 544 Year XIX

Second Biweek, February 2011

News Index:


  1. Inauguration of KORPRI committee
  2. Pasteurization Equipment of UB Students Funded High
  3. Leadership Training of EM and BEM UB
  4. Dharma Wanita Persatuan UB In RT/RW Quiz
  5. Officials' Meeting of the Faculty of Agriculture
  6. Students of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology got Best Progress Award Progress
  7. Faculty of Cultural Science Adds New Teaching Program
  8. Burapha University Thailand Cooperate with FIA
  9. Shalat Khusyu' Training
  10. BET 2011 "Be Outside The Box"
  11. Alternative Energy: Thw way toward Sustenance
  12. ARSC FTP Held Scientific Great Moment 2
  13. Training of Applied Approach for Lecturers
  14. Tripartid Dialogue
  15. Non Civil Servant Lecturer & Lecturer Assistant Selection Test
  16. Hunt for Student Candidate
  17. Through Video Conference
  18. UB Press E-Publishing idea
  19. Guest Lecture by  Palestinian Ambassador
  20. Socialization of Invitational SNMPTN
  21. Agricultural Waste Toward Energy Independent Indonesia
  22. Distillation Workshop
  23. Student are more Courageous
  24. Climate Change Trend in Indonesia


Prasetya Bulletin

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Number 543 Volume XIX

Second Two Weeks, February 2011

News Index:

  1. Sertijab the Head of Dharma Wanita
  2. A Lecturer of FP Does Presentation in ICABBBE 2011
  3. A Cooperation between FPIK and and Fishing Entrepreneurs
  4. Ecumenical Prayer Fellowship
  5. Blessed To Be Blessing
  6. Socialization of the House of Representatives Strategic Plan 2010-2014
  7. Nestle Management Trainee Recruitment
  8. Edgar Paski: Technology Instrumentation in Developing Countries Need More Adaptive
  9. Scholarship Recruitment of NCU Taiwan
  10. The E-Procurement Training
  11. Ufie Ahdie’s Dissertation: Legal Protection for Pasca-Divorce Childreen
  12. A Research of Dr. Johan Noor: Measuring the Concentration of Polonium and Lead On Tobacco
  13. Inaugural Congress, DPM and EM President
  14. Taxes Service Center for the Community
  15. About Entrepreneurial University, Campus Need to Involve the Business World
  16. PEKERTI Training for PSIK FK
  17. UB, Lumbung SDM and Customers for Saudara Bank
  18. A Lecturer FMIPA Joins APRICOT 2011
  19. Suseno’s Dissertation: Export Quality of Milk Fish without Fishbone
  20. International Politic Seminar: Developing Countries in the Flows of Globalization Whirls
  21. Expansion, Kalbe Nutritionals Need Sales Employees
  22. Double Degree Scholarship from Kumamoto University
  23. Enhancement the Competence of Lecturers of FISIP
  24. Engineering Students Work Camp 2010
  25. Ritsumeikan University Hunts Exellent Students