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Prasetya Bulletion Edition 552

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Number 552 Year XX

July 2011

News Index:

  1. PSM UB Makes Proud Indonesia in Austria
  2. Increase Optimal Services through Customer Engagement
  3. From Loknas of Farmer Family Potential Empowerment: Eradication of Poverty Starting from Family
  4. UB Enters the Nominee of Citra Pelayanan Prima 2012 Cup (Optimal Services Cup)
  5. Sutiman Research Enters ABC News USA
  6. Prof. Djalal Rosyidi: Don't Avoid Food from Livestock
  7. An Entrepreneur Seminar of Himabis
  8. Testing Tennis Court, UB Holds Tennis Tournament
  9. Thousands of SNMPTN Prospective Students Do Re-registration
  10. Prof. Dr. Hj. Endang Astuti Aziz, M.Si: SISDM Has an Important Role in Organization
  11. Prof. Mochammad Junus: Kind of Advantages in Developing Bio Gas Unit
  12. IAAS Activity Presenting Kondang Merak in Spain
  13. Praying Together for Kafilah MTQ UB
  14. Pekerti for Lecturers
  15. CPNS Briefing of 2010 Fiscal Year
  16. Entrepreneur Spirit for All Occupations
  17. UKM Supervised by LPPM Gets Business Capital
  18. Healthy Walkathon FH
  19. Syamsul Maarif: IKA Supports Entrepreneurial University
  20. Increase Service Quality, UB Applies SMM ISO 9001:2008
  21. Mobile Programming Workshop with Nokia
  22. Dr. Anton Muhibuddin: A Livestock Facilitator Needs to Have Standard Working Competencies
  23. Prof. Francien Accepts an Award from France Government
  24. The Winners of UB Indoor Tennis Tournament
  25. The Participants of SPMK Test Increase 100 Percent
  26. FPIK 86 Reunion
  27. Dozens of Staffs and Lecturers Get ONH Help
  28. Ansori's Dissertation: Protection to the Victims of Ravishment in Indonesia's Criminal Justice
  29. Indonesia Law Book Writers Meeting
  30. LSIH UB Gets Funds of Science Laboratory Quality Development

Buletin Prasetya Edisi 551

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No 551 Year XX

June 2011

News Index :

1.       FISIP Parliamentary School
2.       FP Opens S1 Double Degree with Uky
3.       Jusuf Kala : Education for national Independence
4.       Without Ethnonationalism, Indonesia is Glorious
5.       International Seminar : Terrorism Prevention Requires Cooperation with All Countries
6.       FH Cooperate with Leiden University
7.       Socio Legal in the Law Enforcement Process
8.       Develop Regional Potentials, Sumenep Cooperate with UB
9.       Lecturer of Faculty of Social Sciences and Political Sciences Presents Materials in IERA 2011 International Conference
10.   Developing Boer Sheep, UB Cooperate with BRI
11.   Student Entrepreneur Program Held
12.   Scholarship in Brave
13.   Denny Indrayana : Decentralization is More Correct
14.   Thousands of UB Doctor Spread in Various Parts of the Country
15.   Journal Practice, FP Cooperate with
16.   FIA Audition for Peksiminal
17.   Socialization of Women Researcher L'Oreal - UNESCO
18.   12 PKM UB Group Pass to PIMNAS 2011
19.   Consultation Meeting of PK BLU Guidance
20.   Indonesia is not Conducive for SME Development
21.   FIA Best Product Exhibition
22.   One Day Art
23.   KORPRI Work Meeting 2011 - 2016
24.   Prof. Basus Swastha : Dissertation, New Findings for Science
25.   Bambang's Dissertation : Environmentally Friendly Fuel
26.   Dr. Budi Parmono : Abuse of Authority on Cooruption Crime


Buletin Prasetya Edisi 550

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No 550 Year XX

June 2011

News Index :

1.       FTP-UB Winner of World Food Competition in USA
2.       Green living, Avoid Using Disposable Package
3.       Glucomannan, Herbal Theraphy to Control Blood Sugar on Diabetes
4.       Promotion is Important to Attract Foreign Students
5.       Flame is More Blue using Coconut Shell Stove
6.       Fordi Mapelar UB Chosen as the Secretary General of ILP2MI 2011/2012
7.       Launching of UB Pertamina Sports Hall and Entrepreneurship Kiosk
8.       Agrivita Cooperate with Thailand Journal
9.       FEB UB : Entrepreneur Day 2011
10.   Looking for the Possibiliity of Cooperation with, Marga Jaya Foundation Gives Scholarship
11.   UNNES Learn from UB Quality Assurance System
12.   Australian Embassy Offer Scholarship
13.   LP3 Multimedia Training
14.   Eco Craft Exhibition in UB Hotel
15.   Discuss Corruption, FH Student Wins National LKTM
16.   85% of Student Candidates Re-register for Invitational SNMPTN
17.   FPIK Musical Drama : My Environment, What a Pity
18.   Public Relation Vocational Program Launch Sunday Care Program
19.   Socio Legal Application in Law Science Research
20.   FP - UB and PPS Untad Agree to Cooperate
21.   Presentation by Chemistry Lecturer in ICAS Japan
22.   Erman Rajagukguk : Mining Contract Renegotiation is Not Easy
23.   Dr. Ir. Salyo Sutrisno, MS Passed Away
24.   National Seminar IDE XI : Strengthening Institutionality on Economic Reformation System
25.   Dean Cup FK-UB 2011
26.   Contribution of PKH for the Existence of Veterinarian is Awaited
27.   Visit by SMA Charis National Academy
28.   Lecturer of FP-UB Presents Material in Korea
29.   AIESEC Participate in Culinary Food Festival

Buletin Prasetya Edisi 549

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No 549 Year XX

May 2011

News Index:

1.       FTP Lecturer Found Cancer Deterrent from Black Grass Jelly
2.       UB Continues Cooperation with Ministry of Public Works
3.       From Official Inauguration : Leader's Commitment to Realize WCEU
4.       UB Builds Cooperation with Sumbawa Regency Government
5.       UB Press Launch Electronic-Based Publishing Information System
6.       BMBC : The Effect of Stem Cell Therapy
7.       Aulanni'am Attends WCVE
8.       Prof. Soetandyo Wigjosoebroto : Method Follows Concept
9.       BLU : UI Performs Comparative Study
10.   Priority of Working in UT & Pama Bfor Scholarship Grantee
11.   Building Inspiration, FEB Held Guest Lecture
12.   BAK Achieve Highest Point in UBAQA UKPPA
13.   Having Confidence on UB quality, East Belitung Build a Serious Cooperation
14.   Guest Lecture Cardiovascular Update
15.   Unmas Studies Academic Cooperation
16.   UB Gives Gift to Street Vendors
17.   Socialization of Online Scholarship
18.   UB Publication in International Media
19.   Apple Farmer Gathering
20.   UB as the Host of Monev PKM Dirjen DIKTI
21.   Himalogista Held Great Event 2011
22.   Opening of Manasik Haji Event
23.   East Java Junior High School Physics Olympiad
24.   LPM Dianns Raise Tengger Tribe as the Theme of Photography Gathering
25.   Unitantri Dancer Team in the Nomination of 10 Best Performers
26.   UB Chemistry Department held "IN HOUSE TRAINING : Metal Testing on Fresh Food"
27.   Medical Faculty BEM held Demonstration on Anti Cigarette Day
28.   KENDI : Realizing Anti Diabetes Society
29.   Reregistration of Invitational SNMPTN Started Today
30.   Prof. Dr. Ir. Eko Widaryanto, SU : Jathropa Plants for Energy Independence
31.   Prof. Dr. Ir. Murachman, Msi : Pond with Environmental Insight through Polyculture Cultivation


Buletin Prasetya Edisi 548

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Number 548 Year XX

May 2011

News Index :


1.       Chemistry Student Won Gold Medal ONMIPA-PT
2.       Difference Between Middle Class and Campus Activities
3.       Period IV Graduation Academic Year 2010/2011
4.       Student of Faculty of Law Represents UB in Mawapres
5.       FP Cooperate with Chulalongkorn
6.       Indofood Riset Nugraha Aid Lecturer and Student's Research
7.       Gender Mainstreaming is not Optimum Yet
8.       National Education Day 2011 : Character Education is a Must
9.       To Understand Technology, DW Learn to Use Computer
10.   Non Academic Studennt Admission Selection
11.   Lecturer of the Faculty of Law Presents in ASLI Japan Conference
12.   Cooperation Between Pupuk Kaltim Foundation and UB Extended
13.   150 Proposals Participate in the Second Phase Selection of PMW UB
14.   Medical Faculty has Produced Hundreds of Specialist Doctors
15.   Seminar on Natural Diversity and Renewable Energy
16.   Socialization and Training on Integrated Lecturer Information System
17.   MANIFEST Achieve the Best National non Magazine in ISPRIMA
18.   UB Cooperate with International Multicultural Studies Developing Cultural Studies
19.   Training of Entrepreneur and Public Speaking
20.   Tengger Education Photography Exhibition
21.   UB Campus as the Location of Video Clip Production in LA Community Campus Edutainment
22.   Exploration Needs Planning
23.   Hundreds of Nutrient Graduates from UB Medical Faculty
24.   FEB Wins in FE UI Cup 2011
25.   UB KRI-KRCI Team Went to National
26.   Issues of Religious and Faith Freedom prone to Conflict
27.   Training of Discipline and Leadership BEM Vokasi UB