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No 535 Year XIX

Second Biweek, October 2010

News Index :

  1. UB Signs Cooperation with Business Practitioner
  2. Again, Jet Air Type Vacuum Frying got Achievement
  3. Lecturer Portofolio Should be Completed
  4. Kristen F. Bauer: Lack of Understanding, Main Obstacle to America
  5. KPRI Held Cooperation Training
  6. Rinjani Defeated by Impala UB
  7. Unika as the Winner of Universities Table Tennis Tournament in UB
  8. Japanese Consulate in UB
  9. Tax Socialization Day, Rector UB Receive Flower & Gift
  10. From Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum 2010
  11. Prof. Dr. Ir. Ginandjar Kartasasmita: Development Planning Must be Down to Earth
  12. Final Meeting of Ministry of National Education Irjen
  13. Delayed Final of Volleyball, FPIK Wins
  14. Two Guided Partners of YES UB participate in CMA 2010
  15. Sukuk Goes to Campus
  16. REDD+ National Strategy
  17. To Carbon Trading Era
  18. Faculty of Economics Transformation Discourse
  19. Lecturer of FISIP UB Attend International Asia Africa Seminar
  20. UB Release 69 Haji Participants
  21. Workshop of Precision Step of UB Toward WCU
  22. UB Lecturer as the Main Speaker in International  Symposium on "Fungal Biodiversity and Resources"
  23. UB Build Education Building in RSSA
  24. CPNS Selection of UB


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