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No 534 Year XIX

First Biweek, October 2010

News Index :

  1. National Work meeting IKA UB
  2. UB Writes its Name in "102 Indonesian Innovation 2010"
  3. Site Visit of Multi year DP2M Dikti 2010 Program
  4. Brawijaya Olimpics 2010 Started
  5. BLM Fund Helps Provision of PHKI Atsiri Oil
  6. Peter Temple-Smith: IVF, Solution to Genetic Disease and Infertility
  7. Prof. Kurniatun Hairiah: Coffee Agroforestry has a High Reserve of Coffee
  8. Effort to Promote the Position of Lecturer
  9. UB Lecturer Attend Homestay in Australia
  10. FK UB Depart Humanity Team to Wasior
  11. Lecturer of FP-UB present in 23rd International Conference on Coffee Science ASIC 2010
  12. Knowing Bridge
  13. 1000 Proposals for PIMNAS XXIV
  14. Syahrul Kurniawan, SP, MP: The Role of Coffee Garden to stop the Loss of Soil Nutrient
  15. Agriculture Acarology Training
  16. UB Student Winner of Swimming Contest of Indonesian Students
  17. MAP FIA-UB Participate in Roadshow Bappenas
  18. Tae Kwon Do UB Second Winner in East Java
  19. Perfect Score for Microsoft Certification
  20. FH Lecturer Attends BIHRC 2010
  21. FMIPA Lecturer Attenf Congress of Medical Physics
  22. Student of FH Winner of Archiving Contest
  23. Comparative Student of Preparation of IVF in Australia
  24. FK Award 2010
  25. WCU Inbis Cooperate with Certiport
  26. Monev External of Multi Year DP2M Dikti 2010 Program
  27. Admission of CPNS UB
  28. Syaria Banking National Workshop by CIES FE UB


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