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No 533 Year XIX

Second Biweek, September 2010

News Index :

  1. Organizing the Campus, Leaders Walk on Foot
  2. Ruhut Sitompul: Give Chance to Celebrities
  3. ODP Selection of Mandiri
  4. Initial Meeting of Irjen Kemdiknas
  5. FK Inaugurate 22 Specialist Doctors
  6. Visits for Mapping of Higher Education Research Performance
  7. IAAS to Thailand
  8. UB Big Family Gathering
  9. Re-Organizing Camat Institution
  10. 1159 Students Graduated
  11. The Importance of National Education Paradigm
  12. Faculty of Law Sends Lecturer to Social Justice Training
  13. OSN PTI 2010 Selection for East Java
  14. Bambang Widjojanto : Corruption in Big Scale is Qualified as Heavy Crime against Humanity
  15. Lecturer of FISIP Indonesian Delegate in Turkey
  16. BFI Scholarship for FE
  17. FTP Student Participate in Youth Sailing ASEAN - Jepang
  18. Suciwati : Value of Humanity is Ignored
  19. Guest Lecture from Victoria University
  20. Remembering the Meaning of Haji
  21. Lecturer of Faculty of Law take a Course in UN
  22. Cooperate with UB in Developing
  23. Cooperation of UB - TIR
  24. Lecturer of Faulty of Law Attend International Conference
  25. Kevin Evans: Toward Strong Integrity System
  26. Sahnan: Solving Dispute Outside the Court
  27. Improving Income with EPSBED
  28. FT Conduct Meeting of IJAR Author
  29. Ners Oath and Release of Nutrient Graduate



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