Zero Waste Village Brings Rachel to Win Achievement in Achieved Student  

Rachel Priscila Wulan Purnomo, 2020 Political Science student managed to bring home the title of 3rd Place of Achieved Student (Mahasiswa Berprestasi) Universitas Brawijaya 2023, Monday (10/4/2023).

The annual competition which is held by UB itself is an event for selecting the Main Achievement Students as UB’s representatives in the National arena later.

As a candidate representing FISIP UB, Rachel brought an idea based on one of the points of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), entitled “ZERO WASTE VILLAGE: Implementation of ‘Zero Waste Agriculture’ from the Perspective of Environmental Politics in Wonosari Village to Achieve ‘Zero Hunger’ in East Java” .

“I’m trying to find solutions in solving problems from the smallest scope which can then become our common foundation when moving on to a wider scope,” said Rachel.

According to her, she has maximized the process towards winning 3rd place. Starting from Creative Ideas (KTI), speech in English about SDGs, CVs, personal documents, and General Achievements which include student achievements at UB. The process was quite long, because she had to represent at the study program and faculty level previously before finally setting foot on the university level.

“Besides, I have become more aware of my own potential, made new friends with similar interests, opened up new knowledge regarding the status quo in society, and even had quite a number of opportunities as a speaker at certain events that were entrusted to me,” she continued.

This competition also gave Rachel a view that every student, even from an inexact group such as FISIP students, still has the opportunity to compete in the general public. She herself learned a lot from other disciplines in this competition.

“After all, the proof is that I also count across departments in taking topics that are in accordance with the SDGs, but can still be related to topics in the Political Science study program. So, don’t let the opinions that develop in society dampen our spirits,” Rachel adviced.

Rachel suggested that other students have the ability to set priorities, time management, and understand their own capacities by pursing their interests and focus as self-development efforts.

“As a final suggestion for time management, try using Google Calendar or Notion to make to-do lists or you can use the Trello application, or conventionally if that’s more convenient,” she concluded. (Alif/Humas FISIP/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)