VR II UB: Through SIBAKU, Student can Apply for Single Tuition Fee Relief

Photo of Vice Rector II, Prof Ali Sya’faat while attending a press conference with a number of media

Vice Rector for Finance and Resources, Prof. Dr. Muchamad Ali Safaat, SH, MH emphasized that new students who object to paying the Single Tuition Fee (UKT), can now apply for changes or relief through the Financial Assistance System or SIBAKU.

“We have a financial assistance system mechanism. Students can submit applications and can reduce categories or installments through SIBAKU,” said Prof Ali in a press conference with a number of journalists, Wednesday (15/5/2024).

The former Dean of the Faculty of Law, said that regarding UKT fees at UB, if there were new students with special cases who really couldn’t study, verification would be carried out and a policy would be given.

“There are various policies, for example the size of the UKT and the provision of scholarships through BAZIS. So BAZIS is an institution that is now under one of UB’s business entities which manages the professional zakat of lecturers and staff,” he said.

He revealed, at UB 2.5 percent of income from performance is channeled to BAZIS. One of the provisions is scholarships for students who cannot afford it and fulfill Asnaf, they will be given assistance in paying UKT.

The former Dean of FH said that almost all higher educations had changes to their UKT. This is based on the new Permendikbudristek regulation in 2024 and passed in February regarding State University’s operational cost unit standards.

“The Minister of Education and Culture’s Ministerial Decree followed the minister’s decision regarding UKT. So, in the Minister of Education and Culture, the content determines what components are standard units for state university’s Operational Costs,” he said

Operational costs are costs that must be borne by a student to be able to enjoy education at state university which consist of direct and indirect costs.

“The direct fees for teaching lecturers’ honorariums can be calculated so that the honorarium for undergraduate programs per credit can be calculated, including guidance and practicum fees. From this, we will later use it to determine UKT fees for 1 student,” he said.

He said that the UKT amount for each student is also influenced by data from each study program, such as the achievement of quality standards. An example of achieving quality standards is the accreditation of study programs.

“If the accreditation is low, the costs are also somewhat less. Likewise, those that are internationally accredited and superior also have an index. There are three types of study programs: knowledge only, study programs that are skills as a complement and three skills as the goal of the study program.

“This requires different facilities…some just need classes, some need educational facilities, and also laboratories,” he said.

He also revealed that the UKT paid by students was also used to develop facilities and infrastructure at UB.

“The UKT is also used for the construction of facilities such as buildings and procurement of equipment in laboratories,” he said. (OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir).