World Heart Day 2023: Use Heart to Know Heart

Currently, heart and blood vessel disease or cardiovascular disease is still the highest cause of death in the world. WHO states that every year deaths due to cardiovascular disease reach more than 17.8 million. Meanwhile, data from the Indonesian Ministry of Health in 2023 in Indonesia the death rate due to this disease will reach 650,000 people per year.

Commitment in efforts to overcome this problem, to increase awareness of cardiovascular disease which is considered very important. So the entire ranks of Malang Regency Regional Leadership Communication Forum (Forkompinda) and hundreds of participants participated in enlivening the series of World Heart Day 2023 commemorations for Malang Raya area which were held in Pendopo Agung Area, Malang – Kepanjen Regency on Thursday morning (28/9 /2023).

The commemoration of World Heart Day which carries the theme “Use Heart Know Heart” and is packaged in the Indonesia Heart Walk 2023 series held in Malang is part of the commemoration of World Heart Day which is also held simultaneously in 8 major cities in Indonesia and is centered in Jakarta. Some of the cities hosting WHD 2023 include: Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Malang, Pontianak, Mataram, Palembang and Makassar.

The 2023 WHD commemoration was carried out by Malang Branch of the Association of Indonesian Cardiovascular Specialist Doctors (PERKI) in collaboration with Indonesian Heart Foundation (YJI) Malang Raya, the Malang Regency Government (Pemkab Malang), and IDI Malang Raya.

In the series, this event was also enlivened by several activities such as: heart health talk show via live Instagram, broadcast on local television, broadcast on Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI), Healthy Walks, Heart Exercises, BHD Training, ECG Examination, Ankle Bracial Index (ABI) Examination) for Peripheral Artery Disease screening, as well as health consultations.

Chief organizer of World Heart Day Commemoration Malang Raya, dr. Sasmojo Widito, Sp.JP(K) in his report said that, this activity is our effort to mobilize residents to increase awareness, this is our effort in terms of prevention, because of the data from BPJS that heart and blood vessel disease is one of the disease that costs a lot of money to pay for.

The man who now serves as Chair of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) Malang Raya added, through this activity we provide education to the public to carry out early detection of heart rhythm disorders easily and practically by fingering oneself (MENARI) which is also expected to break the MURI record which is carried out simultaneously in 8 cities, it is hoped that this will be an effort to increase awareness and early detection of cardiovascular disease.

Meanwhile, Chairman of PERKI Malang Raya Branch, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Saifur Rohman, Sp.JP(K), Ph.D in his speech expressed his thanks very much for the attention, cooperation and highest appreciation from all parties who helped, especially the Indonesian Heart Foundation and Malang Regency Government, he said.

We, PERKI Malang, serve with sincerity and devotion to the country, hopefully we can gain many benefits from this activity. We hope that the various types of training and education that we provide can bring benefits and we will continue to oversee this heart service starting from promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative, may Allah make it easier for us to work together to help with all heart disease problems in Malang.

Professor of the Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University (FKUB) who now serves as Vice Dean for Academic Affairs added, “Our commitment from PERKI and FKUB is to make Malang Regency a land of our service to the community as well as a target village. Hopefully in the next 5 years we can reduce the number of deaths and morbidity due to heart and blood vessel disease and other diseases.

On the same occasion, the Vice Regent of Malang, Drs. H. Didik Gatot Subroto, SH. MH, in his speech, said that on behalf of Malang Regency Government, we would like to convey our congratulations and success on holding World Heart Day activities. We hope that what we have undertaken together today can have an impact on improving health index in Malang Raya in terms of reducing the number of incidents and cardiovascular disease death rate.

The percentage of heart and blood vessel disease is still quite high, so it is still our obligation to do OPD, the activists who are members of YJI together make preventive efforts, because this disease is still a major problem, where this disease comes suddenly and then the healing process still requires quite a lot of funding, of course because of long healing process and the funding is quite high, preventive obligations are mandatory and we express our gratitude for the movement of Indonesian Heart Foundation which continues to operate in Malang and has produced 369 heart health groups.

So, this is an extraordinarily significant improvement to help PERKI and IDI in how to transfer knowledge and how to provide information to the public, of course we hope that we will take care of each other, both family and neighbors, if there are signs or indicators of heart disease just communicated immediately, and fathers and mothers who are heart survivors can of course also share their experiences so that we understand what a heart attack is like for those of us who were not affected by the attack and hopefully you will be cured.

The Vice Regent added, in improving the quality of cardiac services, we are committed to continuing to improve services, especially cardiovascular, Kanjuruhan Regional Hospital has now been prepared as a reference hospital that can be used by the entire community in Malang Raya. (An4nk – FKUBPR/OKY/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir)