The Two UB Graduates Made Various Achievements During College

Bayu (left) and Annisa (right)

College does not necessarily mean that these two students can relax with their friends in campus. Annisa Aurora and Bayu Abi Pamungkas, the V and VI period graduates of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) shared their experiences in participating in competitions and achieving various achievements in this blue campus.

According to this girl who was born in Jombang, being a student is the time to maximize her ability to develop skills and as much empathy as possible.

Based on these principles, Annisa can achieve many achievements in the national and international arena.

One of the most memorable moments for her was when he participated in the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) Product Development Competition in Mumbai India 2018.

“The victory in Mumbai at that time was the most memorable because UB as the only representative from Indonesia was able to get three of the five contested awards, namely Best Oral Presentation; Best Commercial Content and Best Overall Project, “she said.

Not only that, another memorable competitive experience was when he became a Young Social Entrepreneur organized by Singapore International Foundation. Annisa was included in the shortlist after going through a workshop and pitching for 4 days which took place from March 20 to 23 at SCAPE, Singapore.

The tradition of participating in various competitions has actually been occupied by this UB graduate for period V / 2021 since she was in Junior High School (SMP).

“I have started participating in competitions in the scientific field since junior high school and Allhamdulillah when I entered FTP, many of them supported and guided, especially from the lecturers,” she said.

Wallowing in achievements does not necessarily make Annisa satisfied, for her there are still dreams that have not been achieved.

“I dream that I can develop a foundation that collaborates science and social affairs. Therefore, currently I have a social project, Dioola Karya Indonesia, a foundation that works in the environment to manage organic waste so that it can be reused. Besides that, because I myself am from food science, in the future I also want to move in the field of herbal medicine, “she said.

As well as Bayu Abi Pamungkas. His interest in electronics has made him successful in achieving a number of achievements. While studying at UB, this student of Electrical Engineering-Faculty of Engineering won 2nd place at the UI Youth Environmental Action 2017, 1st Place in LKTI Agrivolution IPB 2019, 3rd Place for Urban Electricity in Energy Saving Car Contest (KMHE) 2019, and Best Design Modena Product Innovation Competition 2019.

“I am interested in research and tinkering with electronics, so I participate in various competitions to channel my hobby. If I am lucky to win the competition, I consider the prize as a bonus, ”said this 2016 class student.

The student from Tangerang admits that he is always interested in participating in competitions in the fields of technology, renewable energy and electric cars. According to him, he got a lot of experience from participating in various competitions. He also made quite a number of friends who also liked research. However, the most memorable thing was when he participated in the Energy Saving Car Contest (KMHE) held by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education in 2019.

“The experience of participating in the 2019 KMHE cannot be forgotten, because car work takes months, requiring sleep late at night every day. But finally it paid off when i won 3rd place in the national competition. From there, I got a lot of technical insights that might not be obtained in college classes, “said the student who was born on November 4.

The student who will graduate on Sunday, March 7, 2021 hopes that after graduating he will be able to work in his field of interest. “I want to work or do an entrepreneurship according to the field I worked on during college, which is related to technology,” said Bayu.

He also advised UB students to further increase their research interest in accordance with their respective interests to make the campus and the nation proud. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]