UB Graduates, Duwik and Elo: Disability is not an Obstacle to Achieve Dreams

Duwi Purnama Sidik, S.Kom and Elo Kusuma Alfred Mandeville, S.Tr.Ds

From the 763 Brawijaya University (UB) graduates who graduated on Saturday (20/01/2024) at the Samantha Krida Building, there were two graduates with disabilities, namely Duwi Purnama Sidik, S.Kom and Elo Kusuma Alfred Mandeville, S.Tr.Ds. To Prasetya Online, they shared their experiences while studying at UB.

Duwi Purnama Sidik, S.Kom: Active in organizations, and currently pursuing a master’s degree

Duwi Purnama Sidik, S.Kom with UB Rector and the Dean of FILKOM

Duwi Purnama Sidik, S.Kom who is usually called Duwik, graduated with a GPA of 3.65 with a study period of 3 years and 11 months from the Faculty of Computer Science, Informatics Engineering Study Program. Currently he is continuing his Masters in Computer Science with the Fast Track program.

“As a wheelchair-bound student, I want to be able to work sitting down in the future, and majoring in Information Engineering is one option. Besides, since I was little, I have liked everything related to technology and the job prospects in this department are good,” he explained to PRASETYA Online.

While studying at UB, he admitted that he received many conveniences. Both in academic and non-academic matters. Duwik is also active participating in various organizations and committees to increase relationships and hone his soft skills.

Duwi Purnama Sidik, S.Kom

He is recorded as having been a member of the Communication and Information Center at the Student Executive (EM), being Chair of the Public Relations Department at the Internal Sports and Arts Agency (BIOS), participating in committees such as Informatics Education and Learning for Society Enhancement, New Student Sports and Arts Week, Sports and Arts, as well as Basic Level Student Management Skills Training.

“UB has a Disability Service Center (PLD) which helps make studying easier. FILKOM also provides many access for wheelchairs, making mobilization easier. Lecturers and educational staff also really support lectures. When there are any problems, I’ll just tell them, I’ll definitely be helped,” said this graduate from Banyuwangi.

Duwik advised friends with disabilities who want to continue their studies not to be afraid, because there are many good people who will help if we convey difficulties.

“Show what you are capable of, then people will see your abilities, not your circumstances,” he concluded.

Elo Kusuma Alfred Mandeville, S.Tr.Ds: Accepted to Work in Two Agencies

Elo Kusuma Alfred Mandeville, S.Tr.Ds with UB Rector

Elo Kusuma Alfred Mandeville, S.Tr.Ds graduated with a GPA of 3.47 from the Graphic Design Study Program, Vocational Faculty. Currently, Elo has been accepted to work in two places, namely at AIDRAN (Australia-Indonesia Disability Research) based in Australia, and a creative industry located in Malang as a social media officer and content maker.

Disability in both hands is not a reason to limit yourself. During his studies, Elo actively participated in various organizations, including the Student Executive in the field of Advocacy, and UKM Student Forum Concerned with Inclusion (FORMAPI) in the field of Public Relations. He was even appointed as MC at an international conference held by AIDRAN-FH UB in 2019 which led him of being accepted to work at the NGO.

Elo Kusuma Alfred Mandeville, S.Tr.Ds with the Dean of the Vocational Faculty

“The conference held was about the Interns Conference on Disability Rights. At that time, I was the only disabled student who spoke English fluently in front of many people, so I was asked to be the MC. Furthermore, I was involved in AIDRAN activities several times, and am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work at this agency,” explained this graduate from Denpasar, Bali.

With his interest in the field of video editing, in the future Elo wants to continue his study to a higher level in the field of film interest.

“Hopefully friends with disabilities can be more enthusiastic in achieving whatever dreams they have. Because currently the social and campus environment is starting to provide facilities and access for friends with disabilities. With this accommodation, don’t waste it, because success starts with small things,” concluded Elo. [Irene/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]