UB Graduate Assisting Middle School Students to Create ‘E-Syarat’ Application

A graduate of Information Technology Education Faculty of Computer Science Universitas Brawijaya (UB) Muhammad Syarifuddin assisting three students of Bumi Sholawat Progressive Junior High School to create an E-Syarat Application. This application can be used for deaf students while participating in online learning, especially English subjects.

This game-based application uses the design thinking method, which is a method that focuses on user needs while designing it, so that this application is easy for the general public to use.

“This E-Syarat application has complete features, search engine, voice, scan, letter recognition, and games. This application is able to translate English into sign language,” said Syarifuddin who graduated on Saturday (18/12/2021).

This finding even won a national award at the Indonesian Student Research Competition (KOPSI) which was held in December. The three students guided by Syarifuddin were Muhammad Anies Sya’roni, Syarif Hasan Billah Robbani, and Ahmad Ghozy.

Syarifuddin said that the government’s policy to conduct distance learning as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic created various obstacles. These obstacles include the availability of devices, data quotas, and parents who find it difficult to accompany their children in online learning.

This difficulty becomes multiplied in children with special needs, one of which is deaf students. They have difficulty in receiving lessons if it were delivered online without any direct assistance. Moreover, the parents at home as the closest companions also do not have the background of teaching staff.

In addition to assisting students in KOPSI event, he also accompanied his students to win the Wice World Invention Exhibition and Competition which is organized by Segi University & Colleges, Malaysia and Young Scientist Association (ISYA). The opportunity to guide students in participating in national and international competitions was obtained after graduation as a Research Teacher at Bina Shalawat Middle School.[siti rahma/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]