UB Best Graduates: Bima Designs Mental Health Center, Desna Achieved in UB Kediri

Bima Juliansyah, S.Ars

Taking the thesis theme “Mental Health Tourism Center” led Bima Juliansyah to graduate cumlaude. Graduating on Saturday (23/02/2024), at the 11th Period Graduation at the Samantha Krida Building, Brawijaya University (UB), Bima was recorded as achieving GPA of 3.85 with a study period of 3 years and 11 months.

This Architecture Study Program graduate became the best graduate of the Faculty of Engineering. “I feel proud and grateful, this award is for my mother, sister and family who always support me,” said Bima.

Bima admitted that he chose this thesis theme because he experienced mental health problems during his studies due to his heavy architectural coursework. In addition, the phenomenon of burn out, stress and depression is increasing among young people.

Using architectural knowledge, he designed a Mental Health Tourism Center in the form of a Wellness Resort to improve the quality of people’s mental health. The design provides complete facilities with a mental health focus. Such as fitness, spiritual, meditation, yoga and education areas.

In his spare time, Bima likes playing tennis.

“With these facilities, users can develop strong mental resilience and be in a condition of ‘Sense of Coherence’ or healthy perception in dealing with stress,” said this graduate from Jakarta.

Bima hopes that this approach and innovation can provide a new face for Indonesia so that it can start prioritizing and advancing the health tourism industry combined with architectural scientific principles, as has been done by many other Asian countries.

During his study, Bima actively participated in various organizations, was a speaker at several activities, and won various competitions. There are, Top 5 Asian Young Designer Awards 2023/2024, Top 10 Thesis of The Year Award (TOY) ARCASIA, 1st Place in the Final Assignment Competition at ITS, and 1st Place in the Poster Category the ASEAN Virtual Student Opinion Competition.

Currently Bima works for a well-known architectural consultant in Kebayoran, South Jakarta. He is part of the Junior Architect team and is tasked with working on several architectural and interior projects throughout Indonesia.

In his spare time, Bima likes creating building content and modeling, such as cafes, museums, or new places that have a good architectural style, as well as food and fashion. He also plays badminton, tennis and golf.

Desna Maya Saputri, S.P

Graduating on the same day, Desna Maya Saputri was named the best graduate of the Faculty of Agriculture. She managed to achieve GPA of 3.96 with a study period of 3 years and 8 months. “I am very happy, I think the GPA is a form of my responsibility to my parents to always provide the best results,” she said.

Desna, who took the Agribusiness Study Program at UB Kediri, admitted that she had the same opportunity to excel as students studying at UB Malang. She also appreciated UB Malang lecturers who took the time to teach at UB Kediri.

Desna achieved achievements at UB Kediri

“By studying at UB Kediri, I got two experiences, namely studying in Kediri and Malang. The study was in Kediri, but the practicum and thesis guidance was in Malang, we rented transportation. “Usually I commute, but if I need to stay overnight, students will be facilitated,” said this girl from Lampung.

Desna is also active in participating in organizations, including being cabinet secretary at EKM UB, member of DPKM UB, and being a practicum assistant for four courses. I also passed funding for the Student Entrepreneurship Program, Student Organization Capacity Strengthening Program, took part in the KMMI program to carry out one semester course at Darul Ulum Lamongan University, and took part in the MSIB Program from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Currently, Desna has been accepted to work at a drone technology and data analysis company in Yogyakarta. In the future, she wants to continue exploring the world of professional careers, until she finds a position that settles & suits her passion. [Irene/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]