Vocational Webinar: Teaching Students of Soft Skill and Future Career

The Business Administration Study Program of Vocational Education Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held “3 in 1” Webinar of Visiting Professor and Practitioner Lecturer Program which was conducted online using Zoom Meetings application (13/9/2021).

The “3 in 1” webinar with the theme “Human Resources Management from Theory to Practice” invited three speakers from practitioners, international academics and vocational UB.

The activity which was attended by approximately 650 participants from all students of Business Administration was purposed to educate and introduce students to several important aspects and roles that every human resource must have in facing the world of work in the 4.0 era by reducing theory learning methods and switching to practical methods.

The activity was filled with the history of the establishment of D3 Business Administration by Mrs. Sovia Rosalin MAB, MOS, CPHCM, CSRP as Head of the Business Administration Study Program, followed by three presenters, they are Dr. Yunus Tryonggo, MM (HR & GA Director of PT Bridgestone Tire Indonesia), Dr. Ahmad S. Ruky, and Dr. Rohani Salleh, PhD as the speaker from PETRONAS University of Technology Malaysia.

The three presenters conveyed and taught about several skills needed to enter the world of work in the 4.0 era, the importance of Rapid Reskilling and Job Training & Certification Programs.

Business Administration students are also invited to understand the roles and responsibilities of HR, what are the process or stages of implementing HRM (Human Resource Management), as well as some HR soft skills needed for career success, such as discipline, integrity, and agility.

“Some examples of future work, such as Work from Home Facilitator, Fitness Commitment Counselor, Smart Home Design Manager,” said Dr. Rohani Salleh, Ph.D. (MGA/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).