The Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia Launches UB Halal Metric

Beating of the Gong by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia

Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, KH. Ma’ruf Amin launched UB Halal Metric, at the Samantha Krida Building, Friday (19/1/2024). UB Halal is an instrument used to comprehensively measure the implementation of halal ecosystem concept in the tertiary, industrial and government sectors.

Chair of the 2024 UB Halal Summit Organizing Committee, Ir. L Tri Wijaya, ST., MT., Ph.D. said “In implementing UB halal metrics we facilitate, not only focusing on halal certification for food products as in general, but also measuring broader concepts in the halal ecosystem such as aspects of Human Resources, Business Processes carried out, to partners and provision of other support facilities,” he said.

L Tri said, Halal Metrics tries to see how an ecosystem or business process carried out at universities, industry and the government is truly in accordance with the principles of halalan thayyiban, in a broad sense for the good of the people.

“Later every year, UB Halal Metric will issue a ranking of the top 10 industries, top 10 governments, and top 10 universities that are concerned about consistently and optimally implementing halal principles in their business processes. In the implementation, the verifier will come from UB halal metrics team itself in collaboration with several related stakeholders and experts in Halal field,” he said.

UB Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Widodo, M.Si., Ph.D., said that the 2024 Brawijaya Halal Summit is an important step in developing a sustainable and ethical halal industry in Indonesia. Brawijaya Halal Summit is a form of Brawijaya University’s commitment to develop halal ecosystem in Indonesia and the world.

“It is hoped that this activity can become a forum for exchanging information and experiences between halal industry players from various countries,” said Prof. Widodo.

UB Rector while delivering welcoming speech

“In addition, this activity is also expected to encourage innovation and creativity in the development of sustainable and ethical halal products and services,” he added.

UB Halal Metric will accommodate how industry, universities and government actualize halal processes from upstream to downstream in their respective businesses.

Brawijaya Halal Summit 2024 activities with the theme “Pioneering Sustainable and Ethical Practices in Halal Ecosystem”, will be filled with various series of events, namely Panel Discussions, Launching of UB Halal Metrics and UB Center for Halal Ecosystem as well as the awarding of UB Halal Award.

This panel discussion will present speakers from UB, Thailand and Malaysia. Prof. Irwandi Jaswir, M.Sc., Ph.D from Halal Industry Research Center, International Islamic University Malaysia, Prof. Ir. Sukoso., M.Sc., Ph.D as Head of the Halal Product Guarantee Organizing Agency of the Ministry of Religion, and Dr Winai Dahlan from Halal Science Center at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand will be the main panelists to provide views from different perspectives regarding potential and practical ethics in Halal Ecosystem.

Moreover, UB will also launch UB Halal Metric which has been developed to measure and evaluate the progress of halal ecosystem in institutions and services in a sustainable and ethical manner. The event continued with the presentation of UB Halal Award to industry and the provincial government as institutions with a good halal ecosystem. Then, halal activist academics also received the Halal Award.

Further information regarding this activity can be obtained via the2024  UB Halal Summit website. (UB PR/ Trans. Iir)