Vice Rector II Dr. Sihabudin: Determination of Canteen Rental Rates Have Not Been Fitted Yet

A workshop on determination of UB's canteen rental faresCanteen management gives huge profit since its consumers are no doubt and always salable. Therefore, its management becomes seizure, including lecturers’ wives also keen on it. Vice Rector II on Administration and Finance Affairs University of Brawijaya (UB) Dr. Sihabudin, SH, MH mentioned this while opened a workshop on determination of UB’s canteen rental fares at Rectorate building, Wednesday (22/6/2016). Based on BPUNA (Badan Penyelenggara Usaha non Akademik/Organizing Agency of non-Academic Business) appraisal team’s survey, 17 UB canteens’ gross profit reach 1.2 billion rupiahs/stand/month.

“UB’s Rector actually has released a decree in related with UB’s canteen rental prices. Yet based on its report even survey to accomplish, it is known that anyone felt less fit with fares determination after the decree was released,” said Sihabudin. Fit fares determination, according to Vice Rector II, probably actually comes from each unit. But so far, it’s just Faculty of Animal Husbandry which submitted the fares determination. Therefore, his entities expected the fare to realize as soon as possible, since according to him will also determinate the value of propriety and justice.

In his presentation, the representative of UB’s Internal Audit Unit mentioned that prices to set still beyond Minister of Finance’s Regulation Nomor 33/PMK.02/2016 about input costs standard in fiscal year of 2017.

As delivered by Appraisal team representative Putu Prima Wulandari, SE, MSA.Ak, recently of 17 canteens owned by UB, totally rental fares per month is around 156 million rupiahs. The lowest monthly rental is in Faculty of Veterinary namely 850 thousand rupiahs, meanwhile the highest is in Student Cooperative that attains 45 million rupiahs. The gross profit from 17 canteens in UB recently attains 1.2 billion rupiahs, of which Pujasera contributes the highest, around 381 million rupiahs while the lowest is at Faculty of Medicine. Therefore, the appraisal team gives three alternatives in rental tariff determination. Including rental proposal based on gross profit/stand/month, based on potential revenue/stand/month and also based on Minister of Finance’s regulation.

On the occasion, the representative of Internal Audit Unit was then gave simulation on rental fares determination based on Minister of Finance’s regulation with parameters such as fair value of the land and fair value of the building.

Being interviewed in her office, Head of UB’s canteen team Siti Asma’ul Mustaniroh, STP, MP delivered that agreement had been achieved in order to determine rental fares about the Minister of Finance’s regulation standard. Therefore, each unit will adjust its time enactment of implementation and also its rental prices determination.

Delivered by the lecturer of Agro-industrial Technology, the various rental fares are such as due several canteens implement profit sharing system. “Commonly, canteen which managed by the university adopt profit sharing system thus its rental fares are cheaper,” said Asma’ul. She exemplified the library canteen rental fare which managed by the Main Office which is only 3.8 million rupiahs/stand/month. While rental fares of several faculties which are only seek for rental rates (without profit sharing) are Faculty of Administrative Sciences (25 million rupiahs/stand/month), Faculty of Engineering (21 million rupiahs/stand/month) and Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (15 million rupiahs/stand/month).

Being asked the rental fares influence on food prices, Asma’ul affirmed that rental fares have no effect on food price since it follows different Standard Operational Procedure. “Food price is relative, such as it is seen from numbers and status of students,” she said. “Food price at Faculty of Medicine probably different with the others,” she added. [denok/Humas UB/trans. Denok]