Passed Away: Prof. Soemarjo Poespodarsono

Prof. Ir. Soemarjo Poespodarsono, M.Agr.Sc (was born in Tanggul, Jember, 10 May 1938), an emeritus professor on Plant Breeding at agriculture department, Wednesday (5/1) evening, passed away at 67 years old. The deceased previously has treated due to kidney failure so it takes hemodialisis twice a week. Thursday (6/1), the deceased departed from the funeral home in Watugong street 36, stayed for a while at rectorate lobby to chance the academics civitas deliver their last tribute and released by Rector Unibraw Prof. Bambang Guritno along with his colleagues, and then brought in the procession to be buried in public funeral of Kasin, Malang.

Prof. Soemarjo was an agriculture bachelor of the first alumni of Agricultural Faculty UB (1968), with a master title in plant breeding achieved from University of Adelaide (1980), confirmed as professor on the plant breeding in 11 July 1998 with a scientific oration entitled “The Role of Plant Breeding to Support Globalization of Agriculture in Indonesia”. Once the deceased has served as Vice Dean I, and then Dean of Agricultural Faculty UB (1982-1985). Prof. Soemarjo leaved a wife Sri Pratiwi and 3 sons Arundi Kriptanto, Boni Jianto and Christian Sanarto. [translated by denok]


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