Discourse on Output-Based Research Implementation, LPPM Presents the Director of Research and Finance UGM

Of several State Universities with Legal Entities (PTNBH) in Indonesia, Gadjah Mada University (UGM) is one of the first universities that implement output-based research system. As a university that has recently transformed into PTNBH, Universitas Brawijaya continues to improve the quantity and quality of research and community service. One of the efforts made is to implement output-based research. Thursday (31/32022), the Research and Community Service Institute (LPPM) Universitas Brawijaya presented the Secretary of UGM Research Directorate, Dr. Mirwan Ushada, STP. M.App.Life.Sc as a speaker for the discussion “Implementation of Output-Based Research”.

This activity which was held on hybrid method was opened by Dr. Ir. Bambang Susilo, M.Sc.Agr., as the Vice Rector for Research and Innovation, and was attended by expert staff of VR V, the leadership of LPPM and BPPM Universitas Brawijaya. Stated by Bambang that not many state universities have applied output-based research. UGM becomes one of the state universities that has started to implement this mechanism.

Dr. Mirwan Ushada, STP. M.App.Life.Sc

In the material presented, Dr. Mirwan Ushada, STP. M.App.Life.Sc explained that the Directorate of Research differentiates output-based research in the form of a Rector’s Regulation, which is the autonomy of PTNBH.

“We implement the Rector’s regulations in the form of Rector’s decisions, standard operational procedures, and work instructions in each directorate,” said the lecturer at the Department of Agricultural Industrial Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, UGM.

He added that the output was based on the fact that in 2022-2027 the UGM Research Directorate was mandated to encourage innovation, had access to good research databases, and involved many external interests. “This is our reference in developing output-based research administration,” he said.

In the one-day discussion, it was also revealed that the implementation of the financial management system at UGM in the form of an e-Wallet which is integrated with Simaster (Integrated Information System). Simasater is an academic portal designed to be used by all UGM academics. In this mechanism, the disbursed grant funds will be transferred from the Rector’s account to the e-Wallet of each researcher and not the direct researcher’s account number. In her presentation on e-Wallet, Hesti Arumawati., SE., MM as the Head of UGM Treasury Sub-Directorate said that since 2019 the Directorate of Finance has supported the implementation of transactions in the form of e-Wallet. In this scheme, research activities are focused on outcomes, so financial reports are no longer needed. (Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)