Viridium, A Probin That Always Be Remembered by the Veridian

Veridian is participating in viridium activity, Saturday (3/10)

“Viridium is your provision in exploring the future. Before actually going out to explore, there are times when you stop, sit quietly pay attention and prepare the available supplies so that you will be ready for college”.

The statement was conveyed by Isy Zuhdan Nadhif as the chief executive of Viridium which is a Development Program (probin) in the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (FISIP UB), Saturday (3/10/2020).

The activity starts from 06.45 WIB to 7.10 WIB with the PKK (Introduction to Campus Life) agenda then continued with veridian (name for the new students) Psychology begins to enter probin.

In this viridium, veridian is introduced to a psychology march, teaser and the meaning of the viridium logo, the probin committee, and the introduction of HIMAPSI (Psychology Student Association). After the introduction of HIMAPSI, there is a quiz that is done by Veridian.

In addition, Veridian also does a pre-test on psychological material in general through the quizizz application. Then the material is explained by Shabrina followed by a post-test. This is done to find out how much the veridians’ understanding of psychological material in general.

The meaning of viridium itself is a group of plants whose leaves are always green and never turn brown or yellow. So, it is hoped that this probin can always be remembered by Veridian.

In addition, viridium is a green plant, a fresh plant, which is interpreted as a new beginning for the new students of Psychology, and the meaning of the color green itself is calm. (21 / rma / Humas FISIP/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)