Omicron Variant Reaches 500 Cases, UB Psychologist: Keep Thinking Positively

 Source: Medical Dialogues

The variant of Omicron Covid-19 continues to spread currently. As of Monday (10/11/2022), the total number of patients with Omicron variant in Indonesia reached 509 cases. This condition becomes concern to all parties. The Secretary of the Department of Psychology Universitas Brawijaya, Ika Herani S.Psi., M.Psi gave tips so that people are not get panic.

Ika said that the resident not to panic and continued to apply health protocols and did not be careless.

“It also be more assertive to other people to remind each other, run and implement the health protocols,” she said.

Ika Herani

This Health Psychology expert suggested that people should keep abreast of the news but start to limit it and not be impulsive.

“Don’t easily believe in fake news. Make sure the reliability of the news that we read or hear first. Don’t easily spread untrue news,” continued Ika Herani.

One thing is certain, Ika Herani asks every citizen to think positively, even though the spread of the Omicron variant continues to occur.

“Focus on the future. Prevention is better than cure and always think positively,” she said.

When compared to Delta and Omicron variants, Ika Herani considers the psychological situation of the residents when the Delta variant is more tense since the condition of the vaccine was not evenly distributed at that time.

“The previous period, from the research results, our compliance level was also classified as moderate, so we were vulnerable to be infected,” sshe explained.

The current condition for citizen compliance, according to Ika, is actually the same. However, the information disseminated by the media is different so that individual anxiety increases.

“The third pandemic has been explained in more detail, what should be done to prevent it and if it occurs. On the other hand, those who have been vaccinated feel more secure and safe. But we still have to keep up the process, don’t let our guard down,” said Ika.

She hopes that residents will have a positive attitude towards the vaccination movement and adhere to the health protocols. “This is a more positive step to prevent the addition of this Omicron sufferer,” concluded Ika Herani. (Humas FISIP/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)