Bringing Zero Emission Tourist Area, UB Delegation Wins the First Place in Reveal SRE UB

Net Zero Emission illustration

Being 2nd ranked as the country with the largest carbon emissions in the world is not something to be proud of. The minimal use of renewable energy also contributes to the high carbon content in the air, even though Indonesia has vast oceans that have the potential to produce renewable energy.

YoutAlliance 5.0 while presenting Bintang Timur Ocean Park

Based on these two problems, three Universitas Brawijaya’s students from the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Law presented Bintang Timur Ocean Park, an integrated tourism concept based on wave and wind energy. BTOP was supported by Dio Pratama Putra Matruty from the Faculty of Law, and Rizki Bagus Hadi Kusuma and M, Nur Fathier Salim from the Faculty of Engineering.

Through YouthAlliance 5.0, these three students made Bintang Timur Ocean Park an icon of sustainable tourism in Maluku, to support Net Zero Emission. “Besides, it also purposes to realize independence in wind and wave-based energy, creating job opportunities for a better economy and equitable development in Eastern Indonesia,” said Dio as team leader.

Bintang Timur Ocean Park, according to Dio, is an environmentally friendly futuristic tourist attraction based on wave and wind energy. “Through ATLAN’s power converter, it is expected that it can help reduce global carbon emissions and create a sustainable tourism location in Maluku,” he added.

Through BTOP, the YouthAlliance 5.0 team succeeded in winning the First Place and Best Poster Innovation Paper Competition (IPC) at the Renewable Energy Innovation Festival (REVEAL) 2024. This event was organized by the Society of Renewable Energy, supported by Pertamina, PLN Energi Primer Indonesia and several other big sponsors.

REVEAL SRE UB is a competition related to new renewable energy innovation which was won by #TemanUB and also a study case competition which was won by Bandung Institute of Technology.

This event has several series of activities starting in February and culminating on June 2 2024 through expo, seminars and awarding competition winners.

This competition was attended by more than 200 teams starting from the initial preliminary round until 10 Grand Finalists were selected from several of Indonesia’s best universities such as UB, ITB, ITS, UGM, and UNDIP. (nanda/VQ/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir)