UPT PKM UB Encourages Young People to be Religious Tollerant Generation

Chief Executive, Dr. Arif Mustapa, M.S.I

UPT Student Personality Development Universitas Brawijaya (UPT PKM UB) carries out community service activities through the Dissemination of Nationalist Religious Character. This activity took place Wednesday, (12/06/2024) at the Muhammadiyah Al Munawaroh Islamic Boarding School, Kedung Kandang, Malang City.

With the theme “Dissemination of Nationalist Religious Character through Strengthening the Values ​​of Tolerance and Diversity”, this activity was attended by students and administrators of Al Munawaroh Islamic Boarding School, Malang.

The Chief Executive, Dr. Arif Mustapa, M.S.I said this activity aims to build awareness of the importance of tolerance in diversity among students, in order to create a young generation who is religious but still upholds the national spirit.

“Universitas Brawijaya through UPT PKM is committed to developing student character who not only excels in academics, but also has a religious and inclusive personality. This activity is a concrete manifestation of this commitment, which is expected to provide benefits for the students at Al Munawaroh Islamic Boarding School,” said Dr. Arif in his speech.

He emphasized that nationalist religious character can be formed either through informal education in the family environment, or formal education that emphasizes the values ​​of diversity and tolerance.

Present as a resource person was the chairman of Malang City Religious Harmony Forum (FKUB) KH Ahmad Taufik Kusuma. In his material, Taufik provides insight into the importance of dialogue and interaction between religious communities in everyday life.

“Tolerance in Islam is a fundamental principle that covers all aspects of life, from family to nation and state. By teaching compassion, mutual respect, justice and cooperation, Islam aims to create a harmonious and peaceful society. These principles not only function to maintain internal harmony among Muslims but also to build good and peaceful relations with all of humanity,” explained Taufik.

Becoming a Religious-Tolerant Generation: Dissemination of Diversity Values ​​by UPT PKM Universitas Brawijaya at Al Munawaroh Islamic Boarding School, Malang

Taufik further explained the concept of Tri Religious Harmony. This concept includes three main pillars, namely, internal religious harmony which refers to harmonious relations within one religion, then inter-religious harmony which emphasizes the importance of harmonious relations between adherents of various religions, and thirdly refers to harmonious relations between religious communities and the government.

This activity is combined with interactive sessions and discussions. At the end of the event, one of the students, Ahmad Rifai, expressed his impression, “This activity is very useful for us. We gain a new understanding of the importance of respecting differences and strengthening unity. This makes us even more convinced that being religious does not mean being exclusive, but rather being inclusive.”

Through this dissemination, UPT PKM UB hopes to instill the values ​​of tolerance, religiosity and diversity in the younger generation, so that they can contribute to create a more peaceful and just Indonesia. [UPT PKM/Irene/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]