Unibraw Handed-Over Aceh Humanitarian Aid

The family of Universitas Brawijaya (UB), represented by Vice Rector II Prof. Dr. Moch. Munir, SH delivered humanitarian aid to the Radar Malang Aceh Post care. Donation in the form of check totaling 100 million rupiahs and 100 kilos of feasible clothes, accepted by Sri Widji Wahyuning Utami (Naning), managing editor of Radar Malang in the third floor of Jawa Pos Bureau in Arjuno Street. Accompanying PR II, the Unibraw student representatives.

The donation of Unibraw communities was conducted in first stage aid, and likely soon overtaken other donations on the next stage. Since, according to Prof. Munir, Aceh disaster is impossible to be resolved merely in short time. However Prof. Munir hoped the donation that is a concern of Unibraw communities upon Aceh Society suffering able to be distributed to the needy. [translated by denok]


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