UB Graduated 1.101 Graduates

In Samantha Krida Building Universitas Brawijaya (UB), Saturday (8/1), convened a procession of  second period Graduation in year academic 2004/2005. In the period, number of graduates reached 1.101 people with details postgraduate program of 126 people that include doctoral program 13 people, magister program 109 people and Specialist I Doctor program of 4 people. While the bachelor program of 804 graduates and diplom III of 171 people, including Faculty of Law (38 people), Faculty of Economics (90 people), Faculty of Administrative Science (181 people), Faculty of Agriculture (213 people), Faculty of Animal Husbandry (59 people), Faculty of Engineering (211 people), Faculty of Fisheries (56 people), Faculty of Basic Sciences (67 people), and faculty of Agricultural Technology (60 people).

The Best Graduates

On this occasion also given awards into 17 graduates who reach the best predicate of each programs and faculties. The best criterion was given into them who reach the highest GPA and the fastest study period. The 17 people were Annang Cahyadi, SH (Study Program of Law, Faculty of Law, GPA: 3.45), Ahmad Habibi, SE (Study Program of Management Faculty of Economics, GPA: 3.35), Intan Kusuma Dewi, SAB (Study Program of Business Administrative Science, GPA: 3.71), Childa Maulina, AMd (Study program of Secretary Faculty of Economics, GPA: 3.49), Ivone Tiara Kusuma, SP (Study program of Agribusiness Faculty of Agriculture, GPA: 3.54), Yeni Martasari, AMd (Study Program of Architectural Landscaping Faculty of Agriculture, GPA: 3.60), Sovia Henny Laili, SPt (study program of livestock product Technology faculty of Animal Husbandry, GPA: 3.45), Achmad Syaifuddin Zuhri, ST (study program of Electrical Engineering Faculty of Engineering, GPA: 3.59), Abram Barata, SPi (study program of The Utilization of Fisheries Resources Faculty of Fisheries, GPA: 3.61), Rendy Maretnoadi, AMd (study program of Fisheries Agribusiness Faculty of Fisheries, GPA: 3.65), Tika Andriya, S.Si (Study program of Biology Faculty of Natural Sciences, GPA: 3.59), Fitri Nelly Agustiningrum, AMd (study program of Informatics Management Faculty of Natural Sciences, GPA: 3.50), Rizka Alifia, STP (study program Agroindustrial Technology Faculty of Agricultural Technology, GPA 3.47), Dr. Suko Wiyono, SH, MHum (Doctoral program at study program of law Sciences, GPA 3.94), and Drs. Akhmad Riduwan, MSA.Ak (Master program at study program of Accounting Science, GPA: 3.97). Need to be known, the best graduate doctoral program in this period, Dr. Suko Wiyono, SH, M.Hum, recently serve as Rector Universitas Wisnuwardhana, Malang. [translated by denok]


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