UB Becomes the Host of Executive Board Meeting SEARCA

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) hosts the Executive Board Meeting Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture and Natural Science (SEARCA). A meeting between the leaders of SEARCA members was held at the 8th Floor of the Rectorate Building, Friday (25/11/2022).

UB Executive Officer Prof. Dr. M. Sasmito Djati said that SEARCA activities are routinely held every year so it is necessary to evaluate all programs that have been implemented.

Executive Board Meeting attended by university leaders in Southeast Asia. Photo: Rony S (Public Relations)

“In this meeting we make a program and evaluate what we have done,” he said.

Prof. Sasmito explained that UB has many interests in the SEARCA forum, such as research collaboration, high school scholarships, and cooperation with countries in Europe and Southeast Asia.

He added that in addition to the evaluation, there would also be discussion about making future programs.

SEARCA executive board meeting. Photo by Rony (Public Relations)

“By joining the SEARCA forum provides many opportunities for UB lecturers and master and doctoral students in developing their knowledge,” he said.

Prof. Sasmito said there were differences in the activities carried out during the pandemic and currently.

“During the pandemic, all activities were online meetings, currently only face to face meetings. So, if you see there is a difference during the pandemic and now. Besies that, we also have additional new members so we have to arrange for the next program,” he said.

Meanwhile, SEARCA Director, Dr. Glenn B. Gregorio by meeting students from various different universities can increase collaboration in exchanging ideas on various hats in the fields of agriculture and natural sciences.

“Through this forum we can carry out activities such as collaborating with various universities to exchange ideas through workshops and presentation sessions. So I hope that the participants who participate in SEARCA activities in the future will become leaders in their fields and can even replace our current positions at SEARCA,” he said. (OKY/Humas UB/Trans. Iir).