UB Receives Foreign Students through KNB Scholarship

Universitas Brawijaya is believed to be one of the study destinations for foreign students who wish to study in Indonesia through scholarship. The scholarship is obtained from the Indonesian government through the Ministry of Education and Culture which is called KNB (Kemitraan Negara Berkembang- Developing Country Partnership) Scholarship. This scholarship is intended for students from developing countries who wish to take a master’s program.

Kurniawan Puji Wicaksono, SP, MP as the secretary of KNB scholarship management team conveyed on Wednesday (24/2/2021) that UB gets a quota of 10 to 15 foreign students. So far, the registrants for UB itself have reached 100 students.

UB passes the selection to become one of the universities that collaborates to manage KNB scholarship after fulfilling several requirements. The requirements conveyed by the Faculty of Agriculture lecturer are the number of study programs that are internationally accredited, the number of international classes held and the facilities and infrastructure. These facilities and infrastructure include dormitories, sports centers, hospitals, clinics with international standards. “After assessing all, then UB is declared eligible”, he said.

Lectures will begin in the odd semester of this year. In addition, the implementation of lectures is done online or offline, UB will follow the directions from the Ministry of Education and Culture. “So far the information is that they will come here,” he said.

This program is taken for three years, with details of 2 semesters of Indonesian language classes and 4 semesters of master classes. All costs are borne including tuition fees, living expenses, round-trip tickets

Requirements for joining this program can be seen on the website of the International Affairs Office at https://io.ub.ac.id/knb-scholarship.[siti rahma/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]

  From Arsip