UB Accepts more than 5000 New Students through SBMPTN 2022

The Implementation of UTBK Several Time Ago. UTBK Score is the Requirement to Register for SBMPTN

Universitas Brawijaya accepts 5,160 new students through the 2022 State University Entrance Joint Selection (SBMPTN), which was announced by the Higher Education Entrance Test Institute (LTMPT), Thursday, 23/6/2022.

As many as 5160 new students, the details are 3,294 Science and Technology students and 1,866 Social and Humanities students, spread over 29 Social and Humanities Study Programs and 50 Science and Technology Study Programs.

Previously, in the 2022 SNMPTN pathway, UB has accepted 3,445 new students, with a total of 40,094 registrants. While in the 2022 independent track, UB sets a quota of 50 percent or around 8,570 people.

Secretary of the Directorate of Administration and Academic Services, Hery Prawoto, said that SBMPTN applicants this year is decreased compared to 2021, from 69,887 people to 61,810 people, with the dominance of enthusiasts in the science and technology study program, namely 35,616. While in Social and Humanities study program 26,194 enthusiasts.

Of the 50 science and technology study programs, the study program with the least interest is the AQUACULTURE study program (PSDKU KEDIRI) with 79 applicants. While the most interested is the Medicine study program with 3,321 enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, of the 29 Social and Humanities study programs, the fewest applicants are PURE ARTS with 75 enthusiasts. And the most interested are Law Studies with 2,814 enthusiasts.

For information on the procedure for re-registering new students, see selma.ub.ac.id. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]

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