UB Receives 15 Disabled Students

Sign Language Translator in the Online PKKMB UB to Ease the Disabled New Students Follow the Entire Series of the Event

The Study Center for Disability Services Universitas Brawijaya (PSLD-UB) accepts 15 new students for the academic year 2020/2021. This acceptance was carried out through the Independent Selection for Persons with Disabilities (SMPD) 2020. Due to the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, all series of selections, from registration, administrative selection, to interviews were conducted online.

The Head of SMPB UB 2020 Committee, Ziadatul Hikmiah, M.Sc said that this selection was attended by 41 participants with various disabilities and regional origins.

“From the 41 participants, 33 people registered via the report card, and 8 people went through the UTBK. The registration for the report card is to provide opportunities for prospective students who previously did not participate in UTBK for SBMPTN, “she explained.

According to her, the large number of disabled who registered through the report card shows that so far, they still doubt of the accessibility of UTBK. However, there are some prospective students with disabilities who have registered through UTBK and even passed through SNMPTN.

“Besides going through SMPD, there are several students with disabilities who passed through SNMPTN and SBMPTN in UB and have confirmed to PSLD UB for accommodation services during campus orientation and lectures,” explained this UB Psychology lecturer.

As the implementation of offline selection, online SMPD also provides many accessibility services for registrants. These accessibility services include readability of test forms and materials by screen readers, sign language translators, and notetakers.

The Head of PSLD UB, Zubaidah Ningsih AS, Ph.D, said that the implementation of Online SMPD does indeed meet new challenges, but on the other hand, this process benefits the participants who live outside East Java.

“We also remain committed to providing inclusive and accessible services like the previous year’s SMPD which was held offline,” she said.

15 disabled students who are accepted through the SMPD are spread across various faculties. Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (2 people), Faculty of Computer Science (1 person), Faculty of Agriculture (1 person), Faculty of Culture Studies (2 people), Faculty of Administration (1 person), Faculty of Agricultural Technology (1 person), Vocational (5 people), and the Faculty of Economics and Business (2 people). The types of disabilities including disabled, blind, and deaf.

The 15 students participated in the series of Introduction to New Student Campus Life (PKKMB) which was held online, Saturday-Sunday (20-21 / 09/2020). Thus, disabled students can participate in PKKMB activities properly, the committee provides a sign language translator that is displayed on the screen. [Mahalli / Irene/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]

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